Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training

Practitioners, would you like to integrate Ecstatic Birth preparation into the work you do with your clients?

Birthing with pain is easy. We already know how to do that.

Birthing with PLEASURE is a whole new paradigm of childbirth.

Ecstatic Birth requires an intuitive sense that it is possible and a ferocity to stand for something different.

It also requires a whole lot of support. Expectant Mamas are looking for this support.

Welcome to the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training!
Over the course of nine months, I will guide you through every component of Ecstatic Birth preparation from theory to practice. I will share with you everything that I do with my clients including how to navigate and diffuse common obstacles to birthing with pleasure and how to tap into the limitless pleasure available within our bodies.

When/ Where:
Beginning June 2018 we will meet virtually, monthly in the comfort of your home.  Each month you receive a new module of material available online, on demand. Our live virtual sessions will include 90 minutes of integration, discussion +  Q&A.

Who it is for:
A select group of Prenatal and/or Childbirth Practitioners who are..
… visionaries and leaders, willing to stand strong in a new paradigm,
….passionate about empowering women to have great births,
….eager to dive into the uncharted waters of pleasure and birth,
….interested in deepening their connections to their bodies and sexuality, so they can in turn support others in the same,
….looking to integrate Ecstatic Birth preparation into their client offerings,
…. and excited to connect and learn from other progressive childbirth practitioners.

The cost is $157/ month for 12 months. This INCLUDES required course materials: The Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions ($199).  


“It has been an honor and privilege to work with Sheila. She stands at a threshold, inviting us into our deepest pleasure, where bliss lives in us. Who doesn’t need more of that?? Seriously now?! Would you walk away and say, “No need for more ecstasy here.” I’m glad I didn’t!catherine

Our work together has taken me into a place of ever deepening relaxation, of being in and feeling real pleasure. As a woman, I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share in this exploration.

As a Doula, this work goes even deeper for me. How can I expect a woman to have an ecstatic experience in labor if I’m questioning whether it’s possible? After having had one myself, how and why would I question it?!

That labor is painful is a major social agreement. Almost every film, TV show and conversation about labor makes sure to demonstrate just how terrible it really is! I end up talking about pain (or rather people talk to me about their fear of pain) practically every day all day long. I’m incredibly well versed in this topic! To break its pervasive hold, I needed to immerse myself in a conversation where pleasure can be a major part of the birth experience…of our life experience! Sheila has a gift in opening that door!”

–Catherine Stewart-Lindley, Labor Doula,Lactation Counselor,
Holistic Health Counselor, Childbirth Educator


The curriculum for our Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training is created to be transformative for you both personally as well as professionally, as as you “rebirth” yourself and become an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner.

Module 1: Practitioners Role in Ecstatic Birth
Pleasure is the most holistic birthing tool there is and yet it is rarely introduced as a viable option in birth by practitioners to their clients. In this inside look at the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training Program, we will discuss the benefits of pleasure in birth preparation and planning and explore the spectrum of ways in which we can use pleasure to support expectant moms.

Module 2: Foundations for Ecstasy
We will lay the foundations for Ecstatic Birth Training both for ourselves as practitioners and for our clients, exploring the paradigm of Ecstatic Birth, the key defining factors, the varying spectrum of client needs and aligning ourselves with the best possible outcomes for all.

Module 3: Embodied Empowerment
In this session, we will explore the language of the body and its connection to our intuitive feminine nature. The sensation of pleasure is explored as an integral part of this landscape and as a unique and fundamental birthing tool.

Module 4: Integrating Pleasure  
Pleasure has enormous potential as both tool and outcome in the birthing process, a circular supportive connection that we can hone in on and prepare for personally and to support in our clients. We explore the different modalities of accessing pleasure from outside of our bodies and within during the various stages of labor and delivery.

Module 5: Body Integration
This month we will focus on our somatic training and embodiment practices. You will receive short daily exercises to explore your connection to your body, your inner wisdom, and accessing the limitless pleasure that is always flowing within.

Module 6: Disarming Fears
Every birthing mom has fears. Every practitioner has fears. Fears are as much a natural part of the birthing process as being alive.  This month we will learn strategies to disarm fears so that they are not the governing factor, disrupting the birthing processes.

Module 7: Dancing with the Unexpected
How can we transform unexpected scenarios and outcomes in birth into our (and our clients’) point of power? How can we learn to play with the unexpected rather than fear it? Birth, like life, doesn’t always go to plan. In this session, we will learn how to dance with the unexpected, taking our pleasure and power regardless of what the process brings.

Module 8: Client Roadmap
Now that you have the basis of Ecstatic Birth prep, how can you incorporate it into your client work? This month you will receive a curriculum map and suggested workflow for sharing information and practices, with both private clients and groups.

Module 9: Transforming the Culture
This session is the culmination of our practitioner training and will prepare you to stand for the transformation of the cultural shift required for Ecstatic Birth to become a viable option for all birthing women.  We explore how to move forward in community to share the philosophy and the work in a way that elevates your professional and personal goals.


 “It’s been a very natural progression to infuse all that I’ve learned through my Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training into my work with clients…and not just my pregnant clients but all my women clients. This is because at the core of Ecstatic Birth is the vibration of love and joy, pleasure and expansion, connection and alignment. This is the path that leads a woman to her truth. Whatever she may be experiencing in her external world there is an inner guidance system that exists that she can tap into that will always lead her to the right decisions in birth and in life. 

Through Sheila’s Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training I’ve developed skills to guide clients to their truth, to what feels good to them and how to deepen their awareness of their body intelligence. The training has equipped me with a language that speaks to a woman’s heart because, despite a culture of misinformation, disempowerment and fear around birth, deep inside every woman is the knowing that birth is her super power. I believe women are so ready to receive and awaken the confirmation of what they already know deep inside. Ecstatic Birth is the way of the woman.”   

Dr Peta Elmer
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doula & Ecstatic Birth Practitioner

What you get:

A 9 month WOMB,  This training is a rebirth for YOU as a woman and as a practitioner. You will be held securely in this container for 9 months, nourishing your body, mind, and soul as you evolve and integrate the paradigm of PLEASURE into your being and your work.

Online trainings and content, Each month a new module of content goes live virtually and is delivered right to your inbox for you to soak in ahead of our live integration calls.

Monthly Live (Video) Gatherings, 60 minute sessions of integration, discussion +  Q&A take place 2 weeks after each new module is released. This is your opportunity to delve deeper into the curriculum, discuss and connect live with other participants.

Private Online Space where all of our class content is located, including monthly modules, live trainings, Ecstatic Birth Training Session modules and discussions, forums, practitioner directory, and relevant course materials.

World-wide Community of Progressive Birth Professionals: Over the course of 9 months, you will connect with other birth workers through live and virtual discussions. We learn so much from each other and create relationships that can support us moving forward.

Home play: Each module will include suggested assignments to solidify the training, body practices. We will also have weekly online discussion points following the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions.

Body Immersion, a full month of simple quick daily exercises to facilitate your embodiment of the pleasure principles we are studying and planing to support in our clients.

practitioner training

All graduates receive:

  • A Certificate of Completion, including badges for your website and other marketing materials which denotes you as an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner.
  • Complimentary spots at any future online trainings I offer for prenatal and birth practitioners.
  • An invitation to become a JV level affiliate for all my programs
  • Continued access to the online Ecstatic Birth Practitioner private space and course materials.
  • Listing in an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Online Directory at
  • Access to promotional opportunities via Ecstatic Birth marketing channels

I’ll be giving you everything I’ve got. Are you ready to receive it?

If you are a full bodied YES to the paradigm shift that Ecstatic Birth represents and our hearts, visions, and goals are aligned,  grab your spot in this training!

Together we can revolutionize the world of birth in a way that not one of us can do alone.

Much love,