Announcing Ecstatic Birth Practitioners!

Oooooooo I can’t wait to share what I am about to share!!!

Four years ago I had a vision of lighting up the globe.
One light, passed to several others, passed to many others, passed to all…..

I woke up with a deep knowing in my body that while I can only support a handful of pregnant women at any given time, the key to transforming the landscape of birth lay with practitioners, fierce, visionary women who could hold the vision alongside me.

For any one of us working in this field and going counterculture, bringing pleasure into a realm known for pain, that can feel like lifting an elephant with your pinkie.

But together, side by side, leaning on each other, committed and holding the vision together… wow, we can begin to breathe again.

I am so proud of this moment in time,
the moment in which I get to share with you the fruits of my newest baby–

This online directory of Ecstatic Birth Practitioners!

These women are revolutionary leaders in each of their communities and graduates of the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training program.

I have been giving everything I’ve got to these ladies– everything I do with my private clients, everything I do in my practice, everything I insist upon to nurture and sustain myself.

We’ve healed massive levels of disconnect from our bodies and our sexuality.

We’ve discovered the absurd simplicity behind connecting to the endless stream of pleasure available within.

We’ve nurtured our souls. We’ve nurtured our practices.

We’ve explored pleasure as the most holistic birthing tool.

We’ve transformed the way we process childbirth both Ecstatic and Traumatic.

We’ve re-birthed ourselves!

On this glorious day,

I am proud to share with you these incredible women,

from 12 countries and 9 states,



exceptional leaders &

Ecstatic Birth Practitioners

You will be hearing more from them and about them in the coming weeks as the program relaunches, but for today… I’d simply like to pause and celebrate this expansion.

As my mentor, and featured teacher in the Practitioner Training shares, Dr. Christiane Northrup shares,

“It is never crowded on the leading edge.”

In a culture that is built on the myth that women are supposed to suffer in childbirth,
In a society that perpetuates fear and disconnect from our bodies,
At a time when  “no pain, no gain” is a dominant motto,

Ecstatic Birth is the leading edge.

Honoring birth as a sacred rite of passage full of potential for empowerment, transformation and PLEASURE is the leading edge.

I am so proud of each of these women for hearing the call, saying YES, and committing themselves, mind body and soul to this journey– for themselves, first and foremost!– so that they could embody it and bring it into the world.

Revel with me here for a moment…   MMMMMMM.

Expectant mamas of the world, peruse this directory and notice if you are one of the lucky ones that has an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner close by.

And if not, join me for today’s FB live in less than an hour. I will be talking about your support team in birth and sharing the one place you should always look when considering your options. I will be live at 12:30 ET today here on the Ecstatic Birth Facebook page.