Activate Ecstasy

An Introduction to the

Feminine Flow of Creation

Birth your Dreams and Desires with PLEASURE in 2022

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Beautiful One,

We are living at a unique and profound moment in time.

The Feminine is Rising!

We are being called to forge a new path, a path that honors our bodies, our cyclical nature, a path that FEELS good and honors the flow of the feminine!

Whether you are just beginning your journey of reclamation or are all in...

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I invite you to join me for an introduction to the
Feminine Flow


Following our blood and moon cycles is an important and profound step in understanding and honoring our bodies and energy flow...

But on its own, it is missing the entire flow of CREATION, from conception through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Our models of creation stem from masculine modes of being... a constant go go go at the expense of our bodies (Manning up! Muscling through!). This leaves us exhausted and depleted as we struggle to create a life that honors our dreams and desires.

Ecstatic Birth- Birthing with PLEASURE- offers us profound insight into the role of feminine energy in creation, and how we can come back into balance, nurturing our bodies and supporting our energy throughout our process.

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In this Masterclass

I share an Introduction to the Feminine Flow of Creation, the underlying blueprint by which we birth anything we want.

In this dance of life, we are birthing all the time-
babies, relationships, projects, jobs, ourselves… over and over and over again.

Whether you’ve never given birth, already have, want to or don't – birth is a powerful metaphor for how we create, gestate, and realize any huge desires as women+.

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To Birth Your Babies, Dreams, and Desires
with PLEASURE, you need to honor the
design of your body.

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Reclaiming your relationship to your body, your sexuality and your divine pleasure brings more ease and magic to whatever you are creating.

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In this complimentary online training you will learn how to:

  • Integrate feminine principles into your creative and birthing process
  • Elevate your experience with flow & pleasure
  • Create from a deep alignment to your inner truth! 
  • Use Somatic practices to move through "sticky spots" in your journey.

...and, above all, use your contractions for your next expansion!!!

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Hi! I'm

Sheila Kamara Hay.

Unveiling the ECSTASY available in each moment at the intersection of sensuality, life and birth is my passion!!

As a Yale and Columbia Trained Cultural Sociologist, I am devoted to reclaiming and honoring birth as a sacred rite of passage and an integral part of the Feminine Cycle of Creation™. I am an Ecstatic Birth advocate and coach and have empowered 1000s of women around the globe to birth their babies, dreams and desires with pleasure. I am so excited and deeply honored to be your guide on this journey!

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