Are you hungry for more pleasure?

Consistently, the biggest piece of advice I give women interested in Ecstatic Birth is to connect more deeply to their bodies and their sensuality.. to learn to feeeeeeel more pleasure.. to learn how to tap into that sensual energy at will.

This not only makes your physical experience of birth better, but it makes life in and out of the bedroom way better too.

There was a time long ago when I felt really whiney about my orgasms and then I met Saida Désilets who encouraged me to disconnect from any expectations and focus instead on my connection with myself.

Thus began an eye opening, mind blowing journey into what is possible.erotic field 2

I’ve explored many different modalities of sensual and orgasmic expansion, and have learned a lot from each, but Saida’s work is the one I consistently refer clients to.

Saida’s work is the one that completely and consistently transforms the level of pleasure I feel in my body. Continually and still.

Her Jade egg exercises are both phenomenal birth prep (when else can you actually practice pushing a baby out?) …

…and phenomenal post-birth recovery as a tool to reconnect sensually while strengthening and retoning our feminine center.

She is offering a complimentary training this week to give you a taste of her Jade Egg Mastery Program.   I personally go  through the course each year and I invite you to join me for this round. I will be hosting a weekly study group for anyone that registers through my affiliate link so that we can support one another in our journey.

I have done this 8 week course several times, but I only made it to the end when I began running my first study group. Why?

Because the levels of pleasure it unlocks in my body left me so full that each time I needed to take a step back to allow my body to integrate. And each time I came back it took me to a whole new level. Thank goodness for lifetime access!

Through the study group we are able to show  up for ourselves in community in a way that none of us would have been able to do on our own.

The result for those of us that participate is pure transformative bliss.

The Secret To Supreme Pleasure

Saida’s program is a journey to a very wholesome place within ourselves and our bodies, a place where the level of pleasure continually expands and grows.

The Jade Egg Mastery program can be done without using the egg, so if the idea of it makes you squeemish, or if you are pregnant… take heart, you can still participate and receive the gift of heightened connection and pleasure regardless.

Click here for more information and to register.

To join in the study group, please register through my affiliate link (any of the links on this page) and then send me your registration confirmation- From there we will find a good time to connect weekly and enjoy the ride together.