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It’s been about 3 years since I started this journey as a self-declared Ecstatic Birth advocate and during this time I have been touched by all the love and passion I’ve connected with from expectant mamas and the birth community as a whole.

I’ve also watched in wonder as so many of the ideas and hopes I’ve had have begun to come to fruition, some sparked by me, but most by a movement waaaay larger than me.

I feel so hopeful that the landscape of birth is shifting and that by the time my daughters give birth, it will not be considered an oxymoron to give birth with pleasure, but an option as widespread and accepted as an epidural.

Sometimes I wonder if I am so entrenched in what I want women to know about Ecstatic Birth that I’ve lost the pulse on what women actually want to know.

So in the spirit of love, I’ll be hosting a Valentine’s Eve Q&A call.

What do YOU want to know about pleasure and birth?

Ask me anything.

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