New Moon Magic

I’m sitting with the darkness tonight…

We are moving into our darkest days here in the northern hemisphere.

The new moon is upon us and my body is also surrendering to the dark moon of my cycle.

I used to dread the descent into darkness and if I am fully honest, there is a part of me that still resists…

It is the wisdom of the Feminine Cycle of Creation that reminds me to lean in. 

There is magic in the darkness.

Creation, Birth & Your DREAMS

Fall… back to school.. re-entry into our new masked world…
This time of year always feels like a new beginning, but now more so than ever.
Fresh starts are a period of conscious creation.
A time to feel into and honor our DESIRE.
What is true for you now?
Where do you want to go?

Birthing your Creative Projects with Pleasure

Birthing our creative projects is similar to birthing our babies in that both can challenge us and take us places we have never been before. We can come through to the other side having had an experience of intense grueling difficulty or an experience of intense empowerment and rapture. The difference between the two is rarely the objective facts of the birth, but our subjective experience of it.

In my work helping women birth their babies with pleasure, I have found that a woman who prepares to have an Ecstatic Birth brings this wisdom into her mothering and all aspects of her life.

Used consciously the underlying principles of Ecstatic Birth can enable us to birth our metaphorical babies through pleasure as well.