“P” is for Pleasure and Power and P**?

This guest blog post is by Jenny Braxton, Mama, birth visionary, educator & community leader and ECSTATIC BIRTH PRACTITIONER!

I entered my feminine form through the pelvic bowl of my mother, journeying from her womb out into the world on the day I was born. It was a long and arduous journey, devoid of pleasure.

{Until she held me in her arms, of course. Then let’s hope there was bliss.}

We all start life in a pelvic bowl, in the wombs of our mothers. From there, we are born into the world.

My entrance into the world was imprinted onto my being at a deep level, in what’s known as the limbic brain, that ancient, reptilian part of myself. My imprint was that becoming a mother is difficult and full of pain.

Jenny Braxton

Enjoy the Journey of Mothering!

Mothering is one of the most profound, transformative, and challenging journeys a woman will undertake in her lifetime. While the love and joy you can experience while watching your baby mature can make your heart soar, the day to day, moment to moment, experience of mothering can often feel grueling and endless. It has been said that for the mother, “the days are long, but the years are short.”

Not to worry. All that you are doing to prepare for an Ecstatic Birth is actually laying the foundation for you to mother with pleasure as well. Set by step, I’ll show you how each of our ecstatic birthing principles provide deep support for the mother in you that is being born. Many of the same tools that make for ecstatic birthing pave the way for ecstatic mothering and living. Watch the class or read the top 10 tips below.. Enjoy!

Countering Depletion

If you are a woman living on this planet, it is likely that you are familiar with the sensation of depletion, of having given everything you have to give (and more) with little left for yourself.

Biologically women are wired as nurturers, but culturally we are not trained how to take on that role in a way that feels sustainable.

Mothers are taught to be self-sacrificing and put their kids first.
Practitioners are taught to put their clients needs first.

The problem with this model is that eventually we get depleted and hit a point of utter exhaustion. And at that point we are of no use to anyone, not even ourselves.

What about the baby?

My blog doesn’t mention babies all that much. The reason is very simple. There is a ton of information out there on what we moms need to have to should do for our babies. Of course, we all love our babies so much that we try to do them all. In the frantic rush to be the “best” mom, we can forget the single most important factor in a child’s quality of life- ourselves. Neglecting our own bodies and souls leaves us cranky and impatient, far from the moms we want to be for our kids.

As mothers we will do whatever it takes for our kids. Are you willing to do what it takes to give your child a happy mom? Your pleasure is important to the entire family.

Childbirth is just one scene in the grand landscape of motherhood, but it is a pivotal one. When you birth your child, you are also re-birthing yourself as a mom. Unfortunately, most births happen with little to no consideration of the birthing mama.