Less Pain, More PLEASURE in birth: Complimentary Training for Prenatal and Birth Practitioners

As birthworkers we know deep in our souls that birth is a sacred and profound rite of passage in a woman’s life complete with the potential for joy, empowerment, transformation and ECSTASY.

However, the reality of what we witness every day from inside and outside the birthing rooms is quite different.

It can be exhausting to hold the vision for the highest version of birth as you know it and support women in a climate that often feels like a direct contrast.

If you are a birthworker passionate to elevate the experience of birth for your clients and the world at large, I’d like to invite you to a unique and complementary online training to support you in your mission:

Pain to PLEASURE: Supporting Women in Ecstatic Birth

I am releasing this complimentary video training series specifically for prenatal and birth practitioners to support you in bringing pleasure into the birthing room, into your practice and into your life.

Pleasure is the most holistic birthing tool there is and yet it is rarely introduced as a viable option in birth by practitioners to their clients.


In this video series I will share–

** How consciously integrating pleasure in birth prep and support leads to a better experience through the labor and delivery process as well as better birth outcomes.

** A simple practice that you can implement right away for yourself and your clients to expand the flow of pleasure from within and how to source from this spot, nourishing your body rather than draining it as you support another.

** 2 essential things you must integrate into your work to effectively transform the birthing culture.

Birthing with pain is easy. We already know how to do that.

Birthing with PLEASURE is a whole new paradigm of childbirth.

Are you ready to work together to bring pleasure into the conversation of childbirth, bring it to your clients, nourish yourself, and empower a whole new generation of moms and babies along the way??

Join me for this complimentary training, by clicking here!!