Countering Depletion

If you are a woman living on this planet, it is likely that you are familiar with the sensation of depletion, of having given everything you have to give (and more) with little left for yourself.

Biologically women are wired as nurturers, but culturally we are not trained how to take on that role in a way that feels sustainable.

Mothers are taught to be self-sacrificing and put their kids first.
Practitioners are taught to put their clients needs first.

The problem with this model is that eventually we get depleted and hit a point of utter exhaustion. And at that point we are of no use to anyone, not even ourselves.

This is an underlying problem almost everywhere you look.

In birth specifically, the focus on the baby’s well-being at the expense of the mother’s biological processes leaves many new moms in less than ideal post-partum states. This ultimately effects her capacity to mother (thus depleting the baby’s long term well being…)

Birthworkers, are some of the most loving and most depleted women on the planet. All that self-sacrificing is taking a toll.

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(Artwork courtesy of Kateriina Agnes Fagering)