Ecstatic Birth Workshop

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Hi! I'm Sheila Kamara Hay

I am an Ecstatic Birth practitioner and a Yale and Columbia trained cultural sociologist on a mission to replace the pain paradigm with pleasure.

After a painful first birth experience, I was determined to find another way forward – a way that honored my body and my experience as a woman. I dove into birthwork, research, sensual expansion practices – anything I had to do to expand my body, mind, heart, and soul – and the birth experiences that followed were empowering, FUN, primal, powerful and ECSTATIC. In the last 10 years, I have supported countless women around the globe through the creation and reclamation of their Ecstatic Births and trained birth practitioners in 22+ countries to do the same for their clients.

There is so much I wish I had known before my first experience of childbirth, and now, I’m honored to be able to share this knowledge with you in this masterclass.

a few words from ecstatic moms

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Sheila took me on an incredible journey to prepare for the birth of my daughter. Her support, encouragement, and wisdom were invaluable.

Rita, NY
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Ecstatic Birth has impacted my whole perspective on sex, birth, and even life.

Rochelle, NY
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Sheila lights the way for women to take their own lead in the experience of labor and birth. Brava!

Claudia, Italy
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This shift - from pain to pleasure, from hunger to ecstasy - is essential for us as women of destiny and for creating the space for incoming souls.

Hualani Janice Mark,

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