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Preparing for an Ecstatic Birth:

3 essential keys for Opening to Pleasure in Childbirth

It’s time to turn everything you’ve been told about childbirth upside down and inside out. Join us for this FREE masterclass to learn how to shift the pain paradigm and tap into the PLEASURE available in childbirth. 

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Why an Ecstatic Birth?


Childbirth has the potential to be one of the most transformative, empowering and enjoyable events in a person's life!

Let’s be honest, this is quite different from the experiences most people have birthing their children, experiences that are drenched with fear and pain. As a result, many new moms struggle postpartum with feelings of depletion, powerlessness and even trauma.

EB - Essential Keys

You will receive:  

  • The major paradigm shift we must make to open to pleasure in birth
  • Clarity on the levels of ecstasy available in birth
  • Insights to shift your mindset away from pain and fear 
  • How to circumnavigate some of the most common cultural landmines
  • The key to accessing your primal body wisdom 
  • Consciously using pleasure to support your flow and ENJOY labor
  • Practices you can dive into whether you have plenty of time or your due date is around the corner
  • How to make birthing decisions that are right for you

PLUS strategies for practitioners supporting families in this sacred rite of passage!

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I’ve helped hundreds of women escape the pain paradigm and embrace pleasure -
and now it’s your turn.

Let’s transform intrigue into inspiration,
empowerment, and pleasure.
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Meet your host

Hi! I'm Sheila Kamara Hay

I am an Ecstatic Birth practitioner and a Yale and Columbia trained cultural sociologist on a mission to replace the pain paradigm with pleasure.

After a painful first birth experience, I was determined to find another way forward – a way that honored my body and my experience as a woman. I dove into birthwork, research, sensual expansion practices – anything I had to do to expand my body, mind, heart, and soul – and the birth experiences that followed were empowering, FUN, primal, powerful and ECSTATIC. In the last 10 years, I have supported countless women around the globe through the creation and reclamation of their Ecstatic Births and trained birth practitioners in 22+ countries to do the same for their clients.

There is so much I wish I had known before my first experience of childbirth, and now, I’m honored to be able to share this knowledge with you in this masterclass.

It is possible for you too...

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I learned that the fear-based culture of birth could be transformed by the revolutionary philosophy of prioritizing pleasure. Who would’ve thought?

Sherri, Doula TX
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I caught my baby in the tub in my bedroom–it really was my dream birth. Thank you!

Robin, Maine
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My clients no longer describe their births as painful! 

Samara, UK DoulA
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Ecstatic Birth has impacted my whole perspective on sex, birth, and even life.

Rochelle, NY
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Connecting with Sheila was pinnacle to me having an experience from which I walked away with my head held high. 

Dara,Seattle WA
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Sheila is helping women to redefine the birth experience and make birth into their own powerful evolution.

Mama Gena, Feminist icon & NYT best selling author
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This shift - from pain to pleasure, from hunger to ecstasy - is essential for us as women of destiny and for creating the space for incoming souls.

Hualani Janice Mark 
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