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Awaken your Ecstatic & Orgasmic Flow

Kundalini Activation

is an energetic transmission to clear whatever is standing between you and your life force energy.

Sexual energy is life force energy and is essential to our vitality and joy. It is used for the creation of babies, yes, but also for our creativity in life, the creation of our soul's babies, our dreams and desires.

We are all born with full connection and access to this universal life force energy: Kundalini aka Shakti aka the Holy Spirit, Shekihah and more.

As we live our lives, become socialized, develop patterns around how to behave, what is safe and acceptable and what isn't, suppress our expressions and our truths, our connection to this pure life force energy dims.

The Purity Sensation Kundalini Activation experience awakens your own body's intelligence to clear those cobwebs. 

This is a path of surrender. You don't have to "do" anything. You lie down, listen to music, feel and receive the energetic transmission.

The energy supports you in tending to your inner realms, whatever you need in that moment.

Some people release layers of emotion, some move and release from their physical form, some don’t move but travel in their consciousness, some feel intense bliss and pleasure.

Every experience is unique and meets you exactly where you are ready.

Continued practice tends to evoke feelings of greater aliveness, deeper alignment with yourself and your soul's path and ultimately more joy and pleasure in your body, elevating all your lived experiences both in and out of the bedroom.


Join me at an Upcoming Event

Women and Men welcome

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Katonah, NY

3/5 1-3pm ET

Huntington, NY 

3/17 2-4pm ET

New York City

3/31 4-6pm ET

Private Session

Based on Your schedule

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First Sunday of the Month 

March 3rd 10am ET

Full moon Transmission

March 25 8-10pm ET

New moon Transmission

March 12 1-3 pm ET

Private Session

based on your schedule

Please note: This is not for you if you are pregnant.

Every experience is unique. The
energy meets you exactly where you are.

Here is a glimpse into the possibilities available, in the words of previous participants:

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"I can't believe it can be this simple."

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“I had an amazing experience of all my cells buzzing, ecstatic waves of bliss and lots of tears of joy and also deep relaxation."

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"I had energy buzzing through me for the rest of the day. It felt like I was vibrating,"

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"The activation I received feels like an eight-pointed star placed at points along my central channel and that star radiance is bursting brilliant light outward in all directions, the expansion of my cosmic, multidimensional truth."

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"It reminds me of the energy of birth and that same shift in consciousness, and then needing to take time in the aftermath to integrate the spiritual shift into physical form. My kind of fun!"

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"This is the therapy of the future."

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“I am in love with your transmissions! I see lingering positive effects of it for days and weeks to come, in every field of my life!”

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"It feels ecstatic."

Please keep me in the loop about all future Kundalini Activation events:

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About Sheila Kamara Hay and Purity Sensation

Kundalini Activation is an energetic transmission that I have been exploring since October 2022 with my beautiful teacher, Anastasia Armanova, founder of the Purity Sensation lineage. I am honored to be among the first practitioners she has trained in this incredible modality.

I have experienced it firsthand as a deeply nourishing place for my soul to rest, to feel and move through whatever is alive in my body, reconnect to my truest essence and expand in Ecstasy.

Kundalini Activation is an extension of the work I have been doing for the past 15 years as the Founder of Ecstatic Birth-
  • Supporting women to access the everflowing stream of pleasure that runs through us all, awakening to ever deepening levels of bliss, pleasure and orgasmic flow.
  • Empowering Expectant moms to expand their connection to their sexual energy to consciously support the flow of labor and delivery in Ecstatic Birth,
  • Training Birth practitioners to “Hold the Tone for Pleasure” in the birthing room, amplifying Oxytocin flow and supporting the birth process, and…

I also offer sexual wellness services at TārāMD, an integrative women’s health center in NYC as a VITA certified women’s empowerment and sexuality coach.

There is so much value in doing the inner work, in devoting yourself to a regular routine and practice to build a deep and holistic relationship with your body and sexuality and..

The Kundalini Activation transmission is so powerful, I feel it offers an acceleration in the Sensual Expansion journey, a fast-forward to weeks, if not months, of practice.

This is why I decided to get certified as a practitioner -

To bring this profound gift to our Ecstatic Birth community and support our ever deepening connection to the bliss, ecstasy, and pleasure that lies within.

Where do you go when
the going gets rough?

Where do you go when the going gets rough?

For many (myself included) we have internalized knee jerk coping patterns of dissociation, checking out, numbing...


However, we can glean from the wisdom of birth that this pattern actually makes us suffer MORE, not less.

So how can we navigate intensity in our day to day life in a way that supports our FLOW... to move through our contractions to the expansions on the other side as efficiently as possible?

The key is the exact opposite of our knee jerk dissociation inspired by fear.  

The key is CONNECTION.

To come back into connection with yourself, with your body, no matter how intense.

To choose connection, feeling and FLOW.

This opens the doorway to the LOVE and BLISS that is our natural state.

Birth is the blueprint for this, but each and every one of us has the opportunity to reconnect regardless of our own birth imprint.

The felt sense of this truth lives inside our bodies.

I'd like to invite you to experience this on a somatic level,
without any story in the Kundalini Activation Transmission.

Gather your friends for a unique
experience online or in person. Email to inquire.
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