Live class for Expectant Mamas

Childbirth has the potential to be one of the most empowering, transformative, and potentially PLEASURABLE experiences in a woman’s life!

Wouldn’t it be great if every woman felt that way after giving birth? That is something I am deeply passionate about.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been supporting women one on one in  preparing for a birth experience that leaves them feeling vibrant, strong and ECSTATIC.

In the spirit of making this work waaaay more available than ever before, I am offering  my first ever group training for expectant moms at the end of this month.

The price point it low. The commitment is bite-sized… AND there is as much potential to go as deep as you desire.


If not, read on…

I am proud to say that regardless of the specific details of their births, my women enter motherhood fully connected with the wisdom of their bodies and their fierce feminine power.

You can read more about their experiences here (LINK), but here is one first hand account:

“When I birthed my first child, I felt completely out of touch with the experience and victim to the agendas of mainstream medicine, so during my second pregnancy I felt rather bleak and hopeless about birth. Luckily I was referred to Sheila. Our work together was the defining moment that empowered me as the creator of my birth experience. Though every woman must ultimately wear her birth desires lightly, consulting with Sheila reminded me to connect with my intuition and define my birth desires based on my deepest truth (versus some fantasy of an ideal birth.) Sheila’s vast knowledge and love for the birthing experience connected me with the many possibilities in which I could honor my feminine genius, no matter what. Sure enough, I had many curve balls thrown at me, but I had so many awesome tools that helped move me through some big decisions with confidence and poise. Despite all the curve balls, in the end, I delivered naturally (my desire) within 5 hours (my desire). My nurse said she had never met a woman who embraced the divine-feminine during birth like I did. No matter what the birthing process throws at us, we get to choose how to relate to it and, there are so many beautiful ways to do so. Connecting with Sheila was pinnacle to me having an experience from which I walked away with my head held high.”                    

–Dara, Seattle, 29 weeks at initial session

Childbirth is a rite of passage into motherhood. I want every new mom to walk away from her birth, like Dara, with her “head held high.”  Unfortunately this perspective isn’t prioritized in our world, culture, or our birthing systems.. yet.

I can show you how to navigate your options and prepare yourself on every level to have an amazing experience birthing your baby.


If you are feeling the pull to:

…understand what an Ecstatic Birth is and how it could be possible for you,

… learn some concrete pleasurable birth preparation strategies,

… disarm your fears and make space for your desires in birth,

… immerse yourself in a supportive environment that can hold and nurture a vision of Ecstatic Birth for you and your baby,

… have direct access to me for your Qs,


The Details:

Class will be held on Tuesdays- 3/22, 3/29, and 4/5, 8:30-10:00pm ET.
Everything will be recorded if you can not join us live.

You have a few options- what is your appetite?

Live class only- $69 for registration before 3/15, $79 after.
This option is great if you are looking to better understand how you could possibly enjoy childbirth and will give you the knowledge and some basic practices to prepare for your Ecstatic Birth.

Live class + Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions, $199 before 3/15 $249 after
This option is for someone who is all in and wants to have an Ecstatic Birth and wants all the tools, knowledge and resources to do so. In addition to the live training, you will have access to my full digital training program- over 20 hours of material to prepare you for your Ecstatic Birth.

Live class + Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions + P2P Childbirth education class $499 before 3/15, $599 after
If you are ALL IN, want to have an Ecstatic Birth and are looking for a childbirth ed class that is fully aligned with this work, this option is for you. You will receive my live training and digital program and access to Debra Pascali-Bonaro’s Pain to Power Online Childbirth Education Course, the only childbirth ed class online or live that incorporates pleasure and ecstatic birth principles into the traditional childbirth education curriculum.


*Please note Ecstatic Birth work is not intended as a substitute to a childbirth education class, but a layer on top of one. We will not be discussing the nuts and bolts of childbirth, but focusing our attention on how you can have the most empowering, transformative, and potentially pleasurable birth possible.