May Pleasures: Some Gifts for You!

The month of May is one of my favorites- warm sun, flowers, Mother’s Day, and above all my birthday and my daughter’s.

This is the little girl that I call “my personal growth tool.”  She taught me how to consciously conceive, how to call her in with the full force of my love and desire . She also taught me how to birth. It was with her that I forged another way, that I found bliss, surrender, empowerment, consciousness, and above all pleasure in birth.  She is turning 8 this month and she continues to press me beyond where I think I can go. She elevates me. I am so grateful to be her mom.

This is a month of celebration for us and in honor of that, I will be gifting a 20 minute consultation to everyone who buys the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions this month.  I am eager to spend more time holding your hands, supporting you in your preparations to birth your babies in bliss.

21 Days to Birth Your Pleasure

I am excited to announce I am hosting a pleasure immersion any minute with Debra Pascali-Bonaro of Orgasmic Birth. 21 days of pleasure exercises from some of our favorite teachers.. totally free and all for the sake of pleasure! It will launch in time for Mother’s day, so we can spread the love to all the mamas we know and love. Goddess knows how much us moms need pleasure, rt?!? You can sign up here.

Last but not least I am excited to share that my next free training and Q&A session will be Wednesday May 14 at 1pm ET. You can sign up here to get the call-in info and send in your questions.

We are going to have fun this month!!!

Much love,