Orgasmic Birth Virtual Conference

orgasmic birthWe just wrapped up the Orgasmic Birth Virtual Conference! Were you able to join us?

My talk was about “Unleashing the Ecstasy in Birth” and I had the pleasure of speaking alongside my heroines, mentors, friends, and colleagues as we discussed transforming pregnancy, birth, and mothering to a positive, empowering, and pleasure-full experience.

It was groundbreaking, revolutionary and put forth a whole new paradigm of welcoming the next generation.

It is not too late. If you weren’t able to catch it live, you can purchase the entire experience here. Or consider doing  a trial membership of En*theos’s learning academy. You will get access to the entire Orgasmic Birth Virtual Conference as well as their entire library of incredible wisdom, including several of my classes, and it only costs $10/month if you decide to stay on past the trial period.

I have several classes available at En*theos, including:

How to Have an Ecstatic Birth: Changing the Paradigm

How to Expand Your Sensuality and Prepare for an Ecstatic Birth

How to Disarm Your Fears in Preparation for an Ecstatic Birth

How to Prepare for an Ecstatic Birth

How to Enjoy the Journey of Mothering

There is so much empowering, incredible content, both for birth and for living your best life. Definitely worth doing the free trial and checking it all out, don’t you think???



Get your complimentary pass here.