Nourish yourself with PLEASURE

THIS is the time of year that I look forward to ALL year. Here in New York it is FINALLY spring and with spring comes a rise in pure life force energy.

Now imagine you could ride the wave of that energy, fold that energy back into your body and allow it to melt your pleasure pathways W I D E open. Imagine that experience feels like a coming home to yourself, to a version of you that is more authentic than you’ve ever accessed, and with that expansion in pleasure within you are more able than ever before to delight in the pleasure that exists everywhere around you.

Ahhhhhh… this is the experience I have every time I do Saida Desilet’s Jade Egg Mastery Course. Which is why a few years ago, I decided to launch a Sensual Expansion study group based on her work–  because I wanted to ensure that I would commit to ME, and come home to my body and melt even deeper to the pleasure within every year.


This is a course that serves EVERY woman, but let me lay it out more clearly for you…

Expectant Mamas, learning to connect deeply to your body, trust its innate wisdom and access the flow of pleasure within is THE most powerful form of birth prep there is.

Practitioners, being able to connect to the pleasure in your body enables you to hold the tone for Ecstatic Birth for your clients. AND.. this is a big one.. this course is DEEPLY nourishing to your body. We all know birth workers could REALLY use some nourishment, right?

Postpartum? This is a deeply nourishing way to come back home to your body and your sensual sexual self. Better than any nap or massage, you will be able to support all the areas of your body and feminine center that feel depleted.

Every WOMAN on the planet, it is such a gift to come home to yourself, to be able to experience more pleasure in your body, to receive more pleasure in your orgasms, and to nourish yourself and deepen your relationship with your sensual self in this way.

Clearly, I’m all in…
Who wants to join me???

Here is what you do– sign up for Saida’s Jade Egg Mastery course using this link:

Email me your receipt–

And once registration closes, I will reach out to the group and coordinate sessions for our study group. In the meantime, grab some sisters to join you. There is nothing better than doing this work in community!