Private Training

For women who are ready to really go for it…

…who are fully committed to the idea of birthing their babies in pleasure and

…are ready to plunge full heart and soul into their Ecstatic Birth prep…

I offer a private training journey, which includes all the Ecstatic Birth training materials, weekly hour long consultations and unlimited email support.

Private training sessions are one-to one, custom tailored for you and your desires.

Some topics we can address:

*Ideas on integrating pleasure into a home or hospital birth
*Practical advice on putting together a birth support team
*Guidance on how to navigate your personal situation, your specific fears and considerations to consciously create a birth that you can enjoy
*What to consider in preparing for an ecstatic birth
*How to birth from an empowered stance
*Advice on integrating a partner into ecstatic birth preparation
*Tips on how to use sensuality to fuel your birth
*Suggestions on how to expand your possibility of experiencing an orgasmic birth

I only take on 5 private clients at any given time, so availability is limited as I tend to book 1-2 months in advance.   To explore if this is right for you,  book a free 30 min consult with me here.

Private training is $1500 for 6 prenatal + 1 postpartum session if paid in full.

Single private phone consultations are also available to women and couples who would like support in integrating Ecstatic Birth training strategies into her/their personal reality. Each session is personalized according to your desires. Rates are $250 for each 60 minute session. Please email to schedule your session.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I LOVED our session – it was so powerful, beautiful and brought me so much peace and clarity.  I felt amazing afterwards and liberated by so many of your suggestions (like really looking my C fear in the eye – already I feel like it’s losing power over me – yay!!).  Slowing down has been FANTASTIC, and I’m so happy to be in a space to enjoy these last months of pregnancy! And to focus on pleasure! :)  I’m just feeling all around good and so grateful, and like everything is as it should be – a really big change and a very nice place to be!”  – Robin, 30 weeks at initial consultation:

“What I loved about working with Sheila was her compassion. Given that I was preparing for giving birth in a foreign city with circumstances which were not exactly in line with my birthing desires, Sheila brainstormed with me and gave me some creative ideas for working with what I was given. Her suggestions really helped, and mostly I felt reassured. Sheila lights the way for women to take their own lead in the experience of labor and birth. Brava! My son was born naturally on 31 May in Rome, Italy.” – Claudia, 37 weeks at initial consultation. For more testimonials, read on here.