Pandemic Relief for Expectant Moms

These are intense times for sure. I’m thinking of all our pregnant women and what it must feel like to be gestating life at this time.

Expectant mothers, if you are planning to birth at a hospital I encourage you to ask questions often and stay clear on protocols and procedures as these are currently varying wildly from place to place.

The last thing we want is to be bathing our unborn children in stress hormones and yet, here we are amidst a global pandemic. 

Consciously transforming the sensation of fear in our bodies into love and safety is completely doable with practice and is the basis of all Ecstatic Birth Training.

I know this is quickly becoming a challenging financial period for many, so I am offering a PAY WHAT YOU CAN rate for OBaby!, my signature training for expectant mothers.

I honestly can’t think of anything better than flooding your body with energy, love, pleasure and divine flow as we navigate the pandemic. This is good for you and good for your Baby.

Disarming fears from the body is an integral part of this work.

And you can do all of this VIRTUALLY.

To take advantage of the PAY WHAT YOU CAN… offer email me at with the subject “O BABY!” and share:

1) Your intention: What you desire to get out of the training
2) The price at which you are able to commit that also feels aligned with your intention

Opening to pleasure can be one of the most nurturing and life affirming practices you can devote your time to…

As we aim to reduce exposure to Covid-19, it now more important than ever to labor as much as possible at home.

Ecstatic Birth practices are powerful tools to support the flow of your labor and delivery with PLEASURE.

I will also be offering office hours for expectant moms and birthworkers: Free Coaching and Q&A Mondays at 11am EST. Make sure you are on my email list to get all the information.

Stay safe and FIERCE about connecting to all the goodness available to you!

Much Love,