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“Nothing comes to this earth unless it first passes through a woman.” — Guru Nanak

This is one of my favorite quotes from the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions, a swift reminder of the powerful and sacred portal that is childbirth.

This Mother’s Day, I’d like to celebrate in style and open up the work I do with expectant moms and with practitioners. I’d like to gift you with some free trainings.

Pick your pleasure- sign up for one or both and please share generously in the spirit of bringing more love and pleasure to all birthing moms and babies entering this planet.

Birthing with Pleasure: Supporting Women in Ecstatic Birth

Pleasure is the most holistic birthing tool there is and yet it is rarely introduced as a viable option in birth by practitioners to their clients. In this inside look at the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training Program, we will discuss the benefits of pleasure in birth preparation and planning and explore the spectrum of ways in which we can use pleasure to support expectant moms.

As a practitioner the most important job you have is to hold a steady “tone” in the birthing field. We will explore how pleasure can support you in that process as well. Are you ready to work together to bring pleasure into the conversation of childbirth, bring it to your clients, and empower a whole new generation of moms and babies along the way?? If so, join us at this introductory webinar to open the doorways into a whole new realm!

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The Expectant Mama’s Guide to Ecstatic Birth

Can you really enjoy childbirth? How is that possible? Is it possible for you?

How do you navigate your birth option to find the ones that are right for you?

How do you harness the power and pleasure in your body to have a safe and easy delivery?

In this FREE 10 day email course you will receive:

An introduction to key components of Ecstatic Birth including,

*Pleasure as a birth tool

*Facing your fears

*Developing your inner wisdom

*Navigating your big decisions

*+ practices you can use to prepare

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In honor of each and everyone of us, who came here through the most sacred vessel of our mamas, Happy Mother’s Day!

Much love,