Rising WOMAN,

In this dance of life, we are birthing all the time- babies, relationships, projects, jobs, ourselves… over and over and over again.

Pregnancy and BIRTH are a feminine process- perhaps THE feminine process and as much as the patriarchy tries to co-opt, control, manage and undermine it, it can never be anything other than FEMININE.

As the feminine rises so does our ownership of the birthing process!

Ecstatic Birth is a call to turn our cultural understanding of birth inside out and upside down, to transform our perception of birth from scary to empowering, from painful to pleasurable.

Let’s release our patterns of muscling through, numbing out, or awaiting a savior as we rebirth ourselves, deeply connected to our fierce feminine wisdom.

The time has come to birth all your creations like WOMEN.

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Whether you are birthing a baby, a new venture, or rebirthing yourself, during our time together you will receive concrete practices to support you in bringing it forth with PLEASURE.