The Omega Transmission

Orgasmic Activation
An Ecstatic Transmission

Of Divine Feminine Energy

We invite you to join us in a profound journey of Sensual Awakening. The Omega Transmission offers an energetic ORGASMIC ACTIVATION, inviting you into your fullest creative potential and a deep connection to the bliss, ecstasy and orgasmic flow within. It is sacred... DIVINE... and accessible to all of us, in our bodies, in this lifetime.

Join us for the next live Omega Transmission in the New York area on April 12th! 

*Women Only*

What is the LIVE experience like?

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I felt the energy really moving through my body, a lot of high vibrational energy. Weeks later, it was as if the universe was making love to me!



It's been a really beautiful experience to witness and witness within it myself. My orgasms are getting so much stronger. It's AMAZING! 


As soon as Jenny walked into the room. I started weeping. It was like you were all women. You [Jenny] represented every single one of us. Divine beauty and extraordinary energy!  


[I experienced] an emotional release of a lot of the feelings that have kept me from feeling safe or ecstatic and orgasmic and now I can channel that orgasmic energy whenever I tune in! 


Your Facilitators

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Jenny Adams
After a profound, spontaneous spiritual awakening, Jenny Adams’ life changed in an instant. From mechanical engineer and Plant Manager of $160M chemical plant to knowing her Purpose is to create Equilibrium between women and men on a global scale — through an ecstatic transmission of Divine Feminine energy (orgasmic activation). By embodying the Divine Goddess, Jenny is showing what’s possible in every woman. It is through the reverence of the feminine that ALL people are liberated.


Sheila Kamara Hay

Sheila Kamara Hay, MA, VITA, is a certified trauma informed, somatic (body-based) female sexuality and empowerment coach and the founder of Ecstatic Birth. She specializes in an integrative approach to sexuality and pleasure to support clients in releasing blocks, feeling more, and opening to their fullest soul expression- whether single, partnered, mothering or going through menopause. Sheila’s work is centered around the conviction that the free flow of sexual energy is paramount to our vitality and wellness at every stage and age.


Meet us on April 12th in the new york area, to experience the Omega Transmission yourself!

*Women Only*

The next Men's experience is February 17th in Boulder, CO. Please email details to join.

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