Sister Goddesses,

Whether you’ve never given birth, already have, want to or don’t – birth is a powerful metaphor for how we create, gestate, and realize any huge desires as women.

In this dance of life, we are birthing all the time- babies, relationships, projects, jobs, ourselves… over and over and over again.

Pregnancy and BIRTH are a feminine process- perhaps THE feminine process and as much as the patriarchy tries to co-opt, control, manage and undermine it, it can never be anything other than FEMININE.

As the feminine rises so does our ownership of the birthing process!

Ecstatic Birth is a call to turn our cultural understanding of birth inside out and upside down, to transform our perception of birth from scary to empowering, from painful to pleasurable.

Let’s release our patterns of muscling through, numbing out, or awaiting a savior as we rebirth ourselves, deeply connected to our fierce feminine wisdom.

Birth your Desires with PLEASURE: A deep dive into Ecstatic Birthing for SGs!

The time has come to birth all your creations like WOMEN.

This program will take you on a  journey back to your body, locating your ecstatic pleasure, amplifying it, and using that to fuel the births of your deepest desires….

Culminating in your own ORGASMIC rebirth at a live event on the new moon January 5 of 2019.

Part movement, part meditation, fully orgasmic and consciousness raising, we’ll learn to ride the waves of re-birthing ourselves with PLEASURE.

Limited Space available.

Mastery Students, use code “Mama” when registering before June 10th!



Ecstatic Birthing was truly profound for me.  It explained to me how it is that my life is magical.  It explained to me clearly how I am thinking and behaving. It explained to me stages of birthing and what each one represents. It explained to me the tools I am already using and the power of them.  It explained to me how powerful I am.
Sister Goddess Anna d’Onofrio


“The voice of Sheila Kamara Hay is both wanted and needed in the world of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  She is helping women to redefine the birth experience and make birth into their own powerful evolution.  I love her work and her commitment to women!”

Sister Goddess Regena Thomashauer






Welcome to Ecstatic Birthing for SGs !
Over the course of 7 months, we will take a deep dive into birthing all your metaphorical babies with pleasure. We will identify and diffuse common obstacles at each stage and practice how to use pleasure to support your flow through moments of intensity.  Our exploration will always bring us back to the body and how to locate and expand the flow of ecstasy within!

When/ Where:
You’ll begin your journey in June with a deep exploration of your desires in a private pre-conception call with Sheila followed by monthly hour long private training calls. Together, we will locate your particular spot in the feminine process of birth in relation to all your desires and your own re-birth and craft a highly personalized training plan to support the ecstatic flow of your process.

Beginning July 2018 we will meet as a group monthly in the comfort of your home.  Our live virtual sessions will include 90 minutes of training, integration, discussion +  Q&A.

This culminates in your orgasmic rebirth at a live gathering on the first new moon of the new year, January 5, 2019 in NYC.

Who it is for:
An intimate and elite group of Sister Goddesses who…

…have desires that feel so huge they would like personalized support for their journey
….are passionate about reclaiming their connection to their bodies and inner wisdom
….are pioneers, eager to dive into and explore the uncharted waters of birthing their metaphorical babies with pleasure
….interested in deepening their connections to their bodies and sexuality
….looking to deeply honor the feminine within in all they do
….committed to expanding their somatic experience of pleasure and energy flow

The cost is $475/ month for 7 months. This includes 6 group calls, 7 private sessions, and the live gathering on 1/5/19.

Mastery special: Current Mastery students are invited to register at the super seductive discounted price of $275/month when registering before June 10th! (Use code “Mama”)




The first time I heard Sheila speak a few years ago, I was initially a little uncertain because I was not pregnant and wasn’t sure what I’d get out of it. I was soon in tears as she described the similarities between birthing and desire – the pain, the pleasure, and satisfaction of it. I’ve never given birth to a baby (yet), but quickly realized I was giving birth to my desires (big and small). The phases she described are so real and I felt relieved to see that I was not “crazy” in my process. All of it was normal and natural. Birthing babies or your deepest desires, you want to hear what Sheila has to say.

Ninna Amora
Creator/”Mama” to Live Embodied



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