Birth Practitioners

Birth Practitioners

Transform birth from pain to pleasure

Pleasure is the most holistic birthing tool there is and yet it is rarely introduced as a viable option in birth by practitioners to their clients.

Are you ready to work together to bring pleasure into the conversation of childbirth, bring it to your clients, and empower a whole new generation of moms and babies along the way??

Hey lovely, I'm Sheila.
I'm passionate about transforming the landscape of birth from pain to pleasure

Why? I know firsthand the power pleasure has to ELEVATE our experiences in and out of the birthing room. My own journey from traumatic birth to Ecstatic Birth inspired me to use my background as a Yale-trained cultural sociologist, to highlight, advocate and transform our birthing systems.

Over the last 10 years, I have supported hundreds of birth professionals and families around the globe to integrate pleasure into their birth preparation and support. I'm so honored that you are here.


If you're someone who....

holds the highest vision for birth, but feels continually disheartened (and exhausted) by all the obstacles to creating that reality, I've got you.

There are a ton of resources here to help you elevate your clients' experiences in birth and...

nourish YOU while you do your sacred work... scroll, click and ENJOY!! 

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Complimentary masterclass

for Perinatal and Birth Practitioners

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Empower your clients with skills and practices that strengthen their connection to their bodies and their fierce feminine wisdom.

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Want to know what others have experienced?

“As a Doula, I end up talking about pain (or rather people talk to me about their fear of pain) practically every day all day long.  To break its pervasive hold, I needed to immerse myself in a conversation where pleasure can be a major part of the birth experience…of our life experience! Sheila has a gift in opening that door!”

Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator

“I continue to teach about Ecstatic Birth. People respond really well to it.  We have had amazing births happen with the two recent class groups I taught. 6 out of 8 have had lovely home births and some have expressed that it was not painful. They felt very empowered and enjoyed the process. The one mom who transferred in due to a very lengthy labour also expressed that it wasn't painful."  

Childbirth educator, Canada  

“It is crazy how little has been known about female anatomy! I've learned why that period of transition in labor, as the baby is first leaving the uterus and entering the posterior vagina can feel GOOD. It allowed me to really lean into that in labor and I found that spot. I've had clients that confessed after to feel like they were "cheating" in labor at this point because it kind of felt good. That was the most ecstatic moment of my first birth, too, that beginning of pushing."

Robin Illian
Midwife and educator

“Incorporating body exercises that I learned in Sheila’s training into my routine with my clients helped me to see how being in the body is an important component of ecstatic birth preparations. I started to feel a sparkle in my eyes and feeling more joyful, by making sessions shorter and giving my clients multiple points of reference for pleasure they could experience here and now and bring into the birth room.”

Labor doula and chidlbirth educator, Guatemala

Ecstatic Birth as seen in

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Support clients in Ecstatic Birth

Do  you want your clients to experience birth as the natural and ecstatic rite of passage it was meant to be? Do you desire new tools to elevate birth experiences from pain to pleasure so mothers feel empowered? Do you feel committed to revolutionizing birth from fear and victimization to a sacred and liberating portal? I’ve got something special just for you…

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Work with Me!

Work with me

Private Training with Sheila

I work 1:1 with a select group of birth practitioners in the Advanced Leadership track of the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training.  Book a call here to explore if it is the right fit for you.

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