Expectant Mothers

Expectant Mothers

Your experience matters

Giving birth has the potential to be one of the most empowering, transformative and potentially PLEASURABLE events in your life!

I can show you how to ENJOY childbirth... rather than manage or endure it.

Hey lovely, I'm Sheila.
I am passionate about supporting you in your ecstatic birtH!

Why? I personally have experienced the spectrum of births from the traumatic to the ecstatic and understand what a dramatic difference it makes to the health and vibrancy of a new mom and her baby.

Over the last 10 years, I have supported hundreds of women around the globe in the creation and reclamation of their Ecstatic Births. I'm honored that you are here.


If you're someone who....

recognizes birth as a sacred rite of passage, is able to question the status quo and is willing to prepare and birth with PLEASURE rather than pain, you are in the right place!

I've created so much to help you prepare for your Ecstatic Birth... scroll, click and ENJOY!

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Free Masterclass


Essential Keys to Ecstatic Birth


It’s time to turn everything you’ve been told about childbirth upside down and inside out. Get instant access to this FREE masterclass to learn more about the PLEASURE available to you in birth and how to access it.

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Want to know what others have experienced?

“My favorite part was learning that pleasure can be just feeling secure with dim lights, cuddles and warmth. I also liked the way to work with shadows considering if something that I desire is not going to happen, then what? It allows me to go more into letting go, trusting and embracing the process, my body and myself.”

Expectant Mother

“O Baby is everything you could want and more. The worksheets, journal prompts, guided meditations, lectures, and live Q&A will change your pregnancy, birth, motherhood journey and your whole life. I can’t say enough good things about this. This program is for everyone, regardless of your birth plan. I highly recommend it! I’m so glad I did this. It’s not even over yet! I have endless things to journal and practice.”

Expectant Mother

“O Baby has helped me not only increase my sexual pleasure, but has given me the tools to honor my body’s cravings for pleasure and bringing more of that into my life - the fresh cool air on my skin, my baby’s hugs, the smell of the honeysuckle... why have I not allowed myself to find copious amounts of pleasure from these simple joys the Divine has already provided? O Baby has helped me realize the power in surrendering and the ecstasy that has surrounded me every day.”

Expectant Mother

“I learned very practical things like how to raise my sexual energy and I feel that I can receive more of the good things in life now. Before I would sometime feel uncomfortable to receive gifts or other good expressions of life, and now I feel just grateful and staying in my body, allowing myself to feel the good sensations instead of avoiding them. Thank you for this program!”

Expectant Mother

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Ecstatic Birth Training for Expectant Mothers

A Revolutionary combination of information, mindset shifts, tools and practices to prepare for PLEASURE in childbirth!!

O Baby! is a lot of power packed in a deliciously digestible package:
5 seminars in 5 days
You can start... TODAY!
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Work with Me!

Work with me

Private Ecstatic Birth Training with Sheila

If you are fully committed to the idea of birthing your baby in pleasure and ready to plunge your full body, heart, mind and soul into your birth preparation, I offer a one to one training journey tailored to your desires.

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