An Invitation


You are invited to be the guest of honor at the soul shakin’, life-altering party known as Birth.

Lady, we will place you on a pedestal and pamper you head to toe or maintain a respectful distance — whatever your heart desires.

There might be some dancing, belly laughing, probably even some moaning.

You can soak in a tub if you want. It all depends on your desire.

We aren’t saying that it will be easy, but we can promise that there will be a lot of love.

The energy of the universe will wrap its arms around you, fill you, and rock your core.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy riding the waves as we welcome your child into this world.

You’ll know how to get here.

We will support you while your intuition guides you.

Just listen to your body and do everything that it says.

Ecstatic Birth was founded to inspire and support women and birth service providers to raise their voices in an unwavering and collective “YES!” to all of these possibilities and more.