Even Pumpkins Can Do This!

The power of pleasure in birth is available to EVERY woman that wants it.

Ecstatic Birth is not a far away dream, a shoot for the moon, pie in the sky type of reality.


Every woman that integrates pleasure into her birth preparation inevitably elevates her experience in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

I’m a HUGE YES to that!

️Can you imagine what the world would be like if all women entered motherhood vibrant and full of JOY?!?

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I want you (and every woman) to have an Ecstatic Birth!

I’ve got you covered.

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Essential Keys to Ecstatic Birth:
Opening to Pleasure in Childbirth

In this training we will dive into-

✨The levels of ecstasy available to you in birth

✨Mindset shifts to support your receptivity

✨How to circumnavigate common cultural landmines

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After The Contraction- A Blissful EXPANSION!!

I love my contractions!! 

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but truly when I get on the other side of all that intensity–

The bliss, the opening, the EXPANSION is worth every contracted moment I experienced.

It is almost impossible to remember that when I am fully in it and every fiber of my being wants out..

Whether your contractions are in the physical act of labor, or emotional soul level contractions on your journey, our current patterns of resisting or numbing aren’t serving us, but only perpetuating the intensity.

Feeling the Contractions?

I’ve been thinking a lot about labor lately,–
particularly that circle of expansion and contraction that our bodies experience in the first stage.

That rhythm that underlies everything-
our breath,
the rise and fall of the sun,
the wax and wane of the moon,

Expansion and contraction… 

For me, and for many, we are cycling fast and hard right now.

Love women? Love Birth?

Dear Soulful Spaceholder of Women’s Birthing Mysteries,  

You were called to serve women, to support birth. Deep in your womb you know and honor the power and significance of childbirth as a sacred rite of passage. Thank you.  

I know you pour forth so much love, attention and energy in supporting women in their journey to motherhood.  It’s a deep honor to witness and be a guide to the portal for creation and new life.

But it can, quite honestly, feel DRAINING and DEPLETING to witness the widespread pain and trauma currently prevalent in birth over and over and over again.

In a culture where women are still fighting to reclaim autonomy and safety in our own bodies, where fear dominates our options and guides our decisions, and our religious and cultural inheritance maintain that women should suffer in birth, it is no wonder that women are still so disconnected from the primal power, magic and PLEASURE that birth can be. 

We are overdue for a change. And NOW is that time.✨

Women, we MUST embody the change we want to create:  

Journeying back to our own bodies, reclaiming the power and pleasure within, to lead from a place of JOY rather than fear.

Only then can we ELEVATE the birth experiences of our clients despite all the obstacles they face and stay VIBRANT and ENERGIZED while doing this sacred work!

I have an invitation just for you…