The Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training
Birthworkers, do you want your clients to experience birth as the natural and ecstatic rite of passage it was meant to be? Do you desire new tools to elevate birth experiences from pain so mothers feel empowered? Do you feel committed to revolutionizing birth from fear and victimization to a sacred and liberating portal? I’ve got something special just for you… take a look over here.

Expectant and Future Mamas, read on….

Revolutionary combination of information, mindset shifts, tools and practices to prepare for PLEASURE in childbirth!!  O BABY! is the very heart of my work, the distillation of all my training and research in one very potent and sexy package!  Click here for more information and to purchase.

O BABY! is everything I wish I would have known when preparing for my first birth– the very things that could have prevented my traumatic birth (and support you in creating your ECSTATIC Birth!) 💕

Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions
How do you harness the power and pleasure in your body to have a safe and easy delivery?
Can you really enjoy childbirth? How is that possible? Is it possible for you?
How do you navigate your birth option to find the ones that are right for you?

You will learn all this and more directly from the experts in the field. The Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions are 20 downloadable audio interviews (and transcripts) moderated by Sheila Kamara Hay and featuring Dr. Christiane Northrup, Ina May Gaskin, Mama Gena, and many other leaders in the worlds of childbirth and female health and sensuality. The Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions are delivered in two modules: The Foundation Series which lays the foundation for Ecstatic Birth preparation and support and The Body Series which focuses on living in your body, accessing the power, pleasure, and wisdom from within, and how to integrate that in childbirth! Click here for more information and to purchase.

Private Training  
For women who are ready to really go for it, who are fully committed to the idea of birthing their babies in pleasure and are ready to plunge full heart and soul into their Ecstatic Birth prep, I offer a two month private training journey, which includes all the Ecstatic Birth training materials, weekly hour long consultations and unlimited email support.  To explore if this is right for you, click here for more information.

Private Consultations
Single private phone consultations are also available to women and couples who have already listened to the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions and would like support in integrating the information from the series into her/their personal reality. Each session is personalized according to your desires. Rates are $250 for each 60 minute session. Please email to schedule a time.

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