Ecstatic Birth has been humbled to work with women from 28 countries and all 5 continents around the world.  Deep gratitude for showing up and for all your loving!

Our baby boy was born on Thursday evening,an amazing, Ecstatic Birth indeed!

Fast and all-encompassing (just 2 hours of the intense part and a couple hours of “maybe this is it?” leading up to it). I caught my baby in the tub in my bedroom– it really was my dream birth.

I am grateful for all of the voices from the Ecstatic Birth Foundation Series and the Body Series  that planted wisdom and practical prep ideas. I know it all made a difference, so thank you!

Robin Illian CPM, Sacopee Valley Birthing Services

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I LOVED our session – it was so powerful, beautiful and brought me so much peace and clarity.  I felt amazing afterwards and liberated by so many of your suggestions (like really looking my C fear in the eye – already I feel like it’s losing power over me – yay!!).  Slowing down has been FANTASTIC, and I’m so happy to be in a space to enjoy these last months of pregnancy! And to focus on pleasure! :)  I’m just feeling all around good and so grateful, and like everything is as it should be – a really big change and a very nice place to be!

Robin, 30 weeks at initial consultation

“Ecstatic Birth is brilliant!!! Thank you! I was just talking with my husband and he asked me if I was learning something new from every class. Without hesitation I said YES!!!!   I learn something new from every class! AND I listen to the recordings to make sure I did not miss something from the lecture and still learn more. I want to tell you how grateful I am for all the thought, sweat, time, and effort you have put into putting this [series] together. I am so glad I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this. I love, love, LOVE the growth it has given me! And I love, love, LOVE Ecstatic Birth and the permission it gives woman to be free, yummy, powerful, incredible, sexy, sexual, full of love, and birth how we are suppose to birth (ourselves and our babies)! The teachers have been amazing and the book references they gave have been transformative. I give [The Foundation Series] a perfect 10!!!! “

Andrea Abenoza-Filardi, DONA certified Doula

“It is you and your contemporaries who have caught the torch that I have been holding high since I was 22!!! It’s nice to rest my arm a bit now– and see the torch shining even brighter!!!”

Dr. Christiane Northrup,

“I just wanted to thank you for creating, inviting me, and encouraging me to attend yesterday’s [Ecstatic Birth] event and to tell you how deeply it touched me and impacted my whole perspective on sex, birth, and even life. It was so profound that I don’t think I have even digested all of it yet and am eager to see how it continues to unfold for me. You are off to an amazing start of changing women’s lives — you have already changed at least one!”

Rochelle, NY, beginning to contemplate conception

“The Ecstatic Birth Foundation Series was very transformative for me. I wish I had listened to the calls in person but I am so grateful for the recordings, which in many ways supported me in this journey personally and professionally. I was so inspired after each call, that my Monday prenatal class was transformed. I came in glowing with new insight. Each week I chose a “theme” to share with the class in the first few minutes and I could feel my own energy increasing week by week. It was lovely to work with all these future moms while “riding” the Ecstatic Birth energy wave! In my personal life, I listened to the Foundation series at the most perfect time. Each and every speaker brought something that I needed to hear to make my motherhood journey a little bit smoother and to reclaim my juiciness as a woman and as a new mother. I am very grateful to you for putting this together and to all the speakers. Overall, I felt a lot lighter and happier by the end of the series and I have made many happy life changes since. Best wishes and Sparkles from PARIS!!”

Tania, New Mother and Prenatal Yoga Teacher in Paris, France

“I love how you’re bridging the brave new world of pleasure with the sacred terrain of birth.  Holy work indeed!  And thank you for standing so strongly for CiC.  Deep, deep gratitude!”

Elan McAllister, Executive Director, Choices in Childbirth

“While everyone around me told me I was crazy considering a no epidural birth led by midwives, Sheila took me on an incredible journey to prepare for the birth of my daughter. Her support, encouragement, and wisdom were invaluable and deafened the naysayers. She was full of resources: books, DVDs, midwifery contacts, etc. I would have been overwhelmed navigating through all of it without her. My husband and I are so grateful.”

Rita, NY, 13 weeks at initial consultation

“What I loved about working with Sheila was her compassion. Given that I was preparing for giving birth in a foreign city with circumstances which were not exactly in line with my birthing desires, Sheila brainstormed with me and gave me some creative ideas for working with what I was given. Her suggestions really helped, and mostly I felt reassured. Sheila lights the way for women to take their own lead in the experience of labor and birth. Brava! My son was born naturally on 31 May in Rome, Italy.”

Claudia, expectant Mama in Italy

“The voice of Sheila Kamara Hay is both wanted and needed in the world of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  She is helping women to redefine the birth experience and make birth into their own powerful evolution.  I love her work and her commitment to women!”

Regena Thomashauer,

“I’m writing to thank you for your outstanding work in creating and hosting the Ecstatic Birth Foundation Series. From soup to nuts, you were amazing Sheila. The group of speakers you put together couldn’t be more perfect. There was such an array of excellent information shared– each week I couldn’t believe how good the wealth of information was that I was receiving.  My baby’s birth, due late June, will come in the most amazingly beautiful way (no matter how he chooses to come) thanks to what I now know from Ecstatic Birth . There are no words to express my gratitude for that. Being pregnant is absolutely wonderful, however I am mostly looking forward to birthing and connecting face to face with my boy!  You and each of your speakers have empowered me beyond belief.  Nothing can break me from my decision and excitement to birth naturally. Your work as a host is and was outstanding in the sense that I really feel like you went, and continue to go, above and beyond to take care of us; respecting our needs and concerns technically and making this priceless information available for good. The world is lucky to have you Sheila. Thank you a million times over!”

Cara J. Ottilio-Cooper, expectant Mom, NYC

Thanks for your great support and help. Without your Ecstatic Birth Series, It is not possible for me to be so informed and find out what is my desired birth. I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This beautiful event you organized is really a blessing for me. Thanks you and Ecstatic Birth to make me feel empowered!! Lots of love, warm hugs.

Rose, Expectant Mama, Shanghai

Wise, joyful, and sensuous are the words that flow as I think of Sheila sharing her writing and wisdom on Ecstatic- Birth! I love her insights as she guides us to reconnect with our feminine power, knowledge and intuition.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro, Director and Co Author – Orgasmic Birth,

“I’m not married, and although my boyfriend and I are planning a family, that day is still a ways off. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I have this information NOW! Listening to each speaker infused me with a whole new image of what the journey of pregnancy and labor can be! I feel like I can begin integrating these principles in my life today and allow them to…shall I say “gestate” until the day that I am creating my own labor experience. I think any woman, no matter how far off childbirth may be for her (and even women who don’t want children but want a different way of looking at the powerful, perfect way their bodies have been created!) can benefit from this information. I got so inspired that I am taking a birth doula class so I can support other women and learn more for my own journey! I can’t WAIT to hear what the new crop of teachers have to share and I look forward into diving into another Ecstatic experience with the other women who come along for the ride! Thanks so much Sheila! You have given me such a gift and I am so grateful for you and all of the generous, inspired, passionate teachers!”

Maya G, Future Mom

“When I birthed my first child, I felt completely out of touch with the experience and victim to the agendas of mainstream medicine, so during my second pregnancy I felt rather bleak and hopeless about birth. Luckily I was referred to Sheila. Our consultation was the defining moment that empowered me as the creator of my birth experience. Though every woman must ultimately wear her birth desires lightly, consulting with Sheila reminded me to connect with my intuition and define my birth desires based on my deepest truth (versus some fantasy of an ideal birth.) Sheila’s vast knowledge and love for the birthing experience connected me with the many possibilities in which I could honor my feminine genius, no matter what. Sure enough, I had many curve balls thrown at me, but I had so many awesome tools that helped move me through some big decisions with confidence and poise. Despite all the curve balls, in the end, I delivered naturally (my desire) within 5 hours (my desire). My nurse said she had never met a woman who embraced the divine-feminine during birth like I did. No matter what the birthing process throws at us, we get to choose how to relate to it and, there are so many beautiful ways to do so. Connecting with Sheila was pinnacle to me having an experience from which I walked away with my head held high.”

Dara, Seattle, 29 weeks at initial consultation

“Sheila Kamara Hay  is a divine balance of HOT and sweet.  When I am yearning to connect with another mama who also gets the connection between sexuality and birth, Sheila is who I call. Thank you Sheila for sharing your brilliance with the world!”

Nekole Shapiro,

“What’s an Ecstatic Birth anyway? Can it include blood and belching and peeing and hot tears of disappointment? What about body-shaking tremors and chattering teeth? Can it even include an unplanned Cesarean? My ecstatic birth did. For 10 hours, I labored naturally, alone with my husband as my loving coach, riding the waves and feeling so powerful. I was sure that my labor was still very early. The two of us laughed, hugged, and breathed together – we were drenched in love and excitement. I moved as my body desired, I ate and drank when I wanted, I wandered around our backyard in the dappled sunlight streaming through the tall oak trees. And I belched. A lot. I checked in with my body, and I listened. [The point came when I had to] make the hardest decision of my life: to surrender to the birth I was having, not the birth I had planned. As a birthing mother who’d had the privilege of hearing all the Tele-Summit speakers, I knew I had the right to claim my birth story as ecstatic no matter what it looked like. It turns out that my ecstatic birth was not about pleasure – though most of it was pleasurable. My ecstatic birth was about absolute surrender of my small, neat plans to the messy, brilliant chaos of life. My ecstatic birth cracked me open to grace, grief, gratitude, and immense love unlike any I’ve ever felt.  What a suitable rite of passage into motherhood – its own bawdy, unpredictable, ecstatic adventure of unconditional love.”  To read Jennifer’s full birth story, click here.

Jennifer, Proud Ecstatic Birther and Mother, Austin TX

“This series was very fulfilling for me as a womb wisdom teacher and ecstatic birth professional – to know that I wasn’t alone in sharing this paradigm shift from pain to pleasure,from hunger to ecstasy, to feed the deeper recesses of the soul’s passion for intimacy, into the wonders of remembering our ecstatic innocence and healing the trauma of the birthing field prior to conception. This shift is essential for us as women of destiny and for creating the space for incoming souls. Sheila manages to attract very clear and loving teachers to assist anyone in diving deeper into this possibility with the know-how to bring this into the current of deeper love that is so necessary for meaningful lives and for dreaming a new world into being.”

Hualani Janice Mark,

“Sheila is an incredible woman who is not only a magnet for leading authorities in the field of Women’s Health, but also an embodied advocate for everything she promotes. It is always an honor to be invited to partake in her events, they are fun, juicy, and powerfully transformative.”

Saida Désilets, PhD, Author of the Emergence of the Sensual Woman

“I’ve been meaning to write you to express my gratitude to you. The Foundation Series really was a great experience for me, on so many levels.  For one thing, within the first few weeks, I got pregnant!  And it happened with such ease and grace that I felt soo blessed and felt like being in the course and getting more deeply in touch with my desire facilitated that on some level. The sad news is that I did miscarry at 10 weeks, which was so hard, especially after hearing the heartbeat.  But now that I have some distance and recognize what a natural part of the process it was, I’m feeling so good.   Thanks for your help. I also want to tell you what an amazing facilitator you were–you asked all the right questions and your comments and enthusiasm were so wonderful. I really feel like you have found your spot of genius in creating this course. I’m so grateful to you for shining like you are!!”

Lynda C, Future Mom

“I have enjoyed every session I have listened to so far.I am SO very thankful to you for putting this together. I am expecting my second child and my second homebirth, but it is SO difficult to find others who don’t think I’m crazy for the ideas I have about birth. My first birth was a perfect homebirth, except that we ended up transferring to the hospital after Hera was born because she wasn’t breathing very well independently. We’re really hoping for a much less complicated time this time around. I wanted to let you know I have enjoyed everything and it comes at such a perfect time for me as I try to focus on my strength and inner wisdom to bring this baby into the world. Each speaker has been so positive and gentle, it’s like meditation to listen to their calls and connect with their energy. Thank you very much Sheila!

Update: I gave birth on February 5. Everything went perfect! I delivered at home and the midwives arrived 20 minutes before Orion Henry Sims joined us. It was close. It was much easier/faster than my first delivery!”

Tina Michelle, Expectant Mother