private training

Sensual and Orgasmic Expansion:

bliss, pleasure and Ecstasy are your birthright

reBirth your body to feel more... PLEASURE! 

We know about the importance of exercise... eating well...
meditation and mindfulness.

But tending to our Sexual Energy and our Sexual Expression?

your sexual energy is
Life Force Energy

It is key to your VITALITY... and joy.

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Each and every one of us has access to Ecstatic and Multi-Orgasmic states of PLEASURE.  

A Sensual Expansion journey is an invitation to explore and open to all the pleasure that is available to you in your body, in this lifetime, guided by the seed of your DESIRE.

Sensual expansion is foundational to Ecstatic Birth. It is ESSENTIAL for vibrant living.

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The Details

private Sensual Expansion journey

You will reBirth yourself and all aspects of your being in the Paradigm of PLEASURE

I offer 3 different pathways depending on your level of commitment. The full reBirth in Pleasure experience is 9 months, 25 private sessions, pleasure practices curated specifically for your body, your desires and your unique challenges.


For the duration of our time you also have full access and immersion into all my group and pleasure programs.

Sensual Expansion Private Packages begin at


for a 10 session journey experienced over 3 months

Spaces we can play in the journey:

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  • Feeling more turn on and DESIRE
  • Energy orgasms to feed and nourish your body
  • Awaken different types of orgasm: g-spot, cervical, vaginal, breast & more!
  • Creating deeper layers of safety for sensual and sexual intimacy
  • Sexual wellness: building strength, tone and dexterity in your pelvic floor
  • More freedom and permission to enjoy yourself with a partner
  • Learn to orgasm, expand your orgasms, have multiple orgasms or even extended massive orgasms!!
  • ...the sky is the limit!

For most women this is NEW (and BIG)..
and tender and vulnerable and maybe even SCARY.

- So let me give you an inside peek -
Here are some delicious snippets of love notes I've received from clients doing this work with me:

You have certainly helped to deepen my relationship to my own sensuality and sexuality and you have taken me way beyond my edge into the unknown and unexplored, and made me feel incredibly safe during this process.

I started this process not knowing what to expect, I was hoping for something more, but I could never have imagined that this was possible. You are amazing at what you do!

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for everything that you have done for me and guided me through.

I’m having waaaayyy better and different orgasms than I used to have. They last longer and feel amazing.

Ummmm..... I had THE. MOST. EXPLOSIVE orgasm!!!! HOLY. MOLY. This is the BEST practice ever!!

You have helped me look at my sexuality with new fresh eyes, you have helped me define what I desire and what is important to me.

I’m starting to embrace myself as a sexual being in a way that I don’t think I did before. Men find me really attractive. People find me attractive.

I had an orgasm that was 90% driven by breast massage!!! I started crying afterwards in the most delicious way!!!

Can you feel the JOY? The relief?
The Becoming... ? The expansive PLEASURE?
You can have all of this and so much more...
What do you Desire?

I want to make this as easy as possible for you to say YESSSSS.

...Because we hold out when it comes to pleasure, our bodies, and our vibrance...

...Because sexuality overwhelmingly still exists in the shadows...

...Because as women and mothers we have been trained to put EVERYONE and everything ahead of us...

If you are feeling the nudge within... just say YES to 1 session...

I invite you to book a single private session at 50% off...
try it out...with no commitment.

If it FEEEELS great (it will).. then take the leap ????

You will be amazed at what is possible in just 1 session:

"Sheila's pleasure expansion session was super direct in pinpointing blocks I had created to my sensuality. Through her compassionate guidance I remembered my desires and she highlighted how reachable they are. Her work is powerful, with instant results that is so enjoyable it feels effortless. She truly holds the tone for pleasure and she serves an embodied reflection of how accessible this is for anyone at any time, using personalized integrative techniques."

Zoe P.

Imagine 25 sessions each as potent as the next?!?!?
9 months of being held in a loving container?
Fully supported in your sensual expansion?
reBirth indeed.

My Journey...

I began my own sensual expansion journey 18 years ago because I wanted to know HOW "some women experience heightened states of bliss, ecstasy, and orgasm" when they give birth.

So I trained my body for birth by training my body for PLEASURE.

What I discovered blew me away... 

Sensual and orgasmic expansion as a birth prep tool is powerful and deeply effective.

But it is so much more than that... 

Sensual expansion is the gateway to fueling all the days that follow with more energy, more joy and more VIBRANCE

While I began my own sensual expansion journey for my births...  I have continued it for me.

Ecstatic childbirth is just the beginning.

Birth is but a moment in time- a HUGE sacred moment for sure, but still fleeting compared to all the days before and all the days ahead.

I have made it my mission to share these tools and wisdom with birthing women and their practitioners, to bring more pleasure and ecstasy into the birthing room.

The benefits of awakening your body to ever deepening levels of ecstatic and orgasmic pleasure has elevated and transformed my client's lives in infinite and magical ways that I have been called to expand my offerings to all women who are ready.

In January 2023, I began supporting women at all ages and stages  in their Sexual wellness at TārāMD, an integrative women's wellness center in NYC, helping them reclaim their pleasure and sexual energy.

The private Sensual Expansion reBirth journey that I offer combines my unique expertise in Ecstatic Birth, and training as a VITA™  certified trauma informed, somatic (body-based) female sexuality coach, to support YOUR body's reBirth into deeper levels of sensual and orgasmic pleasure!

There is much work we have to do.

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Take a look around...

In and out of your home...

Where do you feel called?

This lifetime is yours for you to go higher in your evolution.

For you to express your SACRED medicine in this world.

In the act of "Tikkun Olam", repairing the world, each one of us has a role. Yet, many of us are grappling with some level of grief or rage or overwhelm or FREEZE.

Whether you are serving your sacred purpose in your home, community, or on the global stage,

...though necessary, the antidote is not in the fight itself.

The antidote is in fueling our sacred expression from the place where our deepest power lies.


Generation upon generation for thousands of years now we have been entrained to disconnect from our source.

Our bodies

Our pleasure

Our sexuality

Our sexual energy


we have been so radically and systematically disconnected from these realms that we ourselves dismiss it, time and time again:

Even when we KNOW deep into every cell in our being the sacred power that lies there, it can feel IMPOSSIBLE to truly lead from this place.

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Our primal beings are committed to safety. For generations upon generations it has not been safe.

In many parts of the world, it still isn't safe.

(So much love to our Middle Eastern sisters.)

And we can cry and rail and rally and fight about that injustice (as we should)...

But the thing to take note of...

Is that this very rift exists in each of our own bodies.

We can not truly change the outer world, unless we heal our inner.

Unless we reclaim for ourselves IN OUR BODIES the very places that we have been entrained to disconnect from, those very places where OUR power lies

Our bodies

Our pleasure

Our sexuality

Our sexual energy


The most subversive and radical act you can undertake is this inner rewiring of your being ... healing the rift for you, your ancestors and all the generations to come.

I'm so honored and happy that you are here for this.

This is the DEEP work of our time.
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When we are connected to our power source, we can transform our homes, communities and world.

We are a Force.

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