How does your Qi flow?

This week on the blog I am excited to introduce you to a very special woman, Dr. Peta Elmer. I met Peta a few years back when she joined me for my sensual expansion study group and then took the leap with me when I launched my first ever Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training.

Peta practices Chinese medicine in Australia and is as passionate about supporting women in pleasurable birth as I am. She is actively involved in our budding community of Ecstatic Birth practitioners (graduates are invited back into subsequent trainings each year) and consistently brings amazing insights into our work and training.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training is the unique zones of genius each woman brings forth, building and expanding our collective wisdom around Ecstatic Birth.

(Birthworkers, click here for more info and to join my Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training beginning June 13th.)

In this blog post, Peta illustrates how the constriction of sexual energy throughout a woman’s life is a root cause of the sensation of pain in birth and shares several suggestions on how to support the flow of Qi for pleasurable birthing.

It is an honor to share her wisdom with you! Enjoy her as I do…

Releasing the cycle of pain

We are 13 days out from the start of the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training and all my lifelong patterns and triggers are going off like sirens in my being…

“You should be doing.. X, Y, Z… C’mon girl, It’s crunch time!!! Work work WORK!”

And yet my sweet body.. (I brag that I’ve gotten so great at FEELING my body)..

My body is calm and cool and has a whole different vibe about her. Yes, there are times that she propels me into action (like right now), but just as often she simply wants to bask, revel, trust and receive.

I spent years beating myself up for not “doing” enough or correctly, fighting my being, fighting MY process and I recently had the epiphany that this is exactly what the patriarchy wants of us.

Not only is the story of Adam and Eve about punishing women to suffer through birth, but it is about distrust of the feminine on a grand scale. Our bodies are feminine. Mother nature is feminine. Conception, pregnancy, and birth are THE feminine process.

Yes, reclamation of childbirth requires reclamation of our relationships with our bodies and our sexuality, but it also requires reclamation of our feminine nature.

Birth Practitioners

Practitioners, would you like to integrate Ecstatic Birth preparation into the work you do with your clients?

Birthing with pain is easy. We already know how to do that.

Birthing with PLEASURE is a whole new paradigm of childbirth.

Ecstatic Birth requires an intuitive sense that it is possible and a ferocity to stand for something different.

It also requires a whole lot of support. Expectant Mamas are looking for this support.

Registration is now open for the 2017 Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training Program!

I want more women to know and learn and open to the possibility of birthing with pleasure, more women than I can work with one on one.

I want to enable you, who are already working with expectant mamas, to share this information, these tools, these resources with them.

Nourish yourself with PLEASURE

THIS is the time of year that I look forward to ALL year. Here in New York it is FINALLY spring and with spring comes a rise in pure life force energy.

Now imagine you could ride the wave of that energy, fold that energy back into your body and allow it to melt your pleasure pathways W I D E open. Imagine that experience feels like a coming home to yourself, to a version of you that is more authentic than you’ve ever accessed, and with that expansion in pleasure within you are more able than ever before to delight in the pleasure that exists everywhere around you.

Ahhhhhh… this is the experience I have every time I do Saida Desilet’s Jade Egg Mastery Course. Which is why a few years ago, I decided to launch a Sensual Expansion study group based on her work–  because I wanted to ensure that I would commit to ME, and come home to my body and melt even deeper to the pleasure within every year.

This is a course that serves EVERY woman, but let me lay it out more clearly for you…

How to Melt into Your Sensuality to Prepare for an Ecstatic Birth

Sensuality is a powerful tool women can use to enhance their experience during labor and birth. Melting into her sensual nature allows a birthing woman to fully relax, stay present, and enjoy the process of labor and delivery.

Giving birth is the culmination of the sexual act. You birth with all of your sexual organs, stimulating and flooding them with sensation. Childbirth at its best also mirrors the trance states of arousal and orgasm. Melting into her sensuality heightens a woman’s experience of pleasure during childbirth, much like it does during sex.

Sensuality at its essence is a practice, a way of experiencing life. What if you were to treat your birth like the sensual ride of your life? What would that mean? What would your birth prep look like? Read on to learn specifically about sensuality as an aspect of preparation for an Ecstatic Birth.