10 things you can do TODAY to invite ecstasy into birth!

1. Plan this event like you would plan your wedding, so that every detail serves your pleasure. You wouldn’t choose a catering hall known for lousy food for your reception and just hope for the best, would you? Choose every detail of the birth with your highest pleasure in mind. And yes, that includes thinking about what you will wear.

2. Flood yourself with positive birth stories, images, and videos. Consciously reprogram your cultural concept of birth.

3. Knowledge is power. Enrolling in the most comprehensive childbirth education class you can find is just the starting point. Educate yourself to the max about every aspect of birth.

4. Begin a desire list for your birth. Write down every birth desire you have, however large or small. Read and update the list regularly.

5. Be honest with yourself and your partner about your fears. Contemplate how you can support yourself through each one. Birth counseling can often be a very powerful tool.

6. Do whatever it takes for you to feel healthy, strong, and beautiful. This often includes eating well, getting appropriate exercise, and enjoying your maternal curves.

7. Connect with your sensuality often. Notice the conditions that turn you on, that enable you to relax and open. Include as many of these into your birthing environment as possible.

8. Practice listening to your intuition every day. Sit, breathe, relax, and listen.

9. Breathe deeply. All the time. Especially when you are stressed.

10. Gather SUPPORT!! Surround yourself with people who will cheerlead you and enable your vision during pregnancy and especially in the birthing room. Don’t forget to look beyond birth and make sure that you will be well supported postpartum, so your attention can be on enjoying your baby.

BONUS: Practice doing these for anything you are birthing- a creative project, a new relationship, a job.. Not only will you birth with more ease and pleasure, but you will find more pleasure in life in general.