Activating the MAGIC of the Body

Our bodies are incredible.

They are the source of so much wisdom, power and PLEASURE.

But we live in a culture that distrusts the body, that fears its betrayal.

TRUSTING OUR BODIES is an essential piece of feminine reclamation and is imperative in childbirth.

When we learn to listen, our bodies can be our unwavering guide on our soul’s journey.

We can consciously activate states of healing, transcendence, bliss and pure MAGIC in the body.

This is the theme for today’s Conversation to Transform Birth!

Sooo juicy, right?

So much JUICY wisdom here!


*Our bodies are the source of LIFE, MAGIC, CREATION
*The practices of birth- breath, sound, movement- are powerful activators at any moment of life *Alignment- physical, spiritual, energetic– creates ECSTASY
*Presence, being.. feeling… builds trust
*Any betrayal- has a root in betrayal of self and the body’s knowing
*A simple but POWERful exercise to activate your body

…and so much MORE!

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Much Love,