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Against All Odds: An Ecstatic Birth

You may think everything needs to be perfect in order to have an Ecstatic Birth– a loving partner, the perfect birth environment, unwavering support. 

This Conversation to Transform Birth with new mom Anysa Olivera shows that you can transcend ANYTHING if you have prepared with consciousness and commitment.

She had the rug pulled out from her at 35 weeks, losing her partner of 10 years AND she birthed during the height of the pandemic.

Despite all this she was able to drop in deep for her daughter’s birth.

She shares–

“I made love to myself in the early hours of my birth, moved slowly and intentionally through my rushes and was surrounded by things that brought me pleasure.

I was in my body.

I was deeply human and animal tethered to this earth plane in no way I had ever been before.

I laughed and was joyful; I was empty and full.

I was lucid and when the time finally came to push my daughter, the ring of fire burned. I met the fire with pleasure as I pushed.

As I knew pushing her head was the climax of my birth journey, in the restful period I was in absolute pleasure.

I even recall looking up at all of the beautiful women around me and saying, “Ladies I feel soooo gooood!

“It was exactly what I had dreamed of.”  

Watch the full interview and discover how, “Against All Odds”, she was able to experience such Ecstasy in Birth.


* You can bring the consciousness of Ecstatic Birth to any challenging situation as Anysa did to her ECV procedure to turn the baby
* Breath plays an essential role in staying present and knowing you are ok in each moment
* Fierce, conscious, and continuous preparation for birth is key
* Ecstatic Birth is the most generous thing you can do for your baby, yourself and the planet
* A woman who experiences Ecstasy in birth is activated in her energy and passion
* Anysa leaned into the Ecstatic Birth Training Sessions and experienced a profound initiation into women’s body and birthing wisdom

…And so much MORE!

In a culture that does not honor a woman’s body and its processes, all of us are, in some way, moving against all odds.

If you would like an Ecstatic Birth, or you are holding space for that with your clients, I want you to know that it IS possible despite all that is working against us.

The key is preparing your BODY: to shed shame and inhibition, to value and honor its wisdom, and to open to flow and pleasure!

This is the core of Ecstatic Birth training.

I am taking on new private clients for the first time in over a year. 

If you are planning to get pregnant or are already expecting and are FIERCE in your commitment to your Ecstatic Birth, I’d love to work with you.

Book an appointment here to explore whether private Ecstatic Birth Training is a good option for you.


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