An Ecstatic, Orgasmic, and DIVINE Birth!

“My recent birth with my second son Silver was the most ecstatic experience of my life bringing me closer to divine bliss than ever before.  I birthed on my own terms, in my garden, inspired and supported by the wild elements around me. 

The birth was a devotional act, a deep bow and surrender to our great Mother, The Divine creatrix and in total reverence to all mothers past and future.  I somehow felt it my duty and honour to dedicate Silver’s birth as a reclamation of women’s body and wild soul, honouring the journey as a primal act of ancient feminine wisdom and divine connection.

I prepared for it in the way of ceremony and it also unravelled in this spirit.  In all honesty It blew any dreams I had for the birth totally out of the water!”

Meet Charlotte Eastaugh, Mother, Yogini, Performer, Whisperer of the Wilds, and Sacred Sexuality Coach.

Charlotte’s first birth didn’t go quite as she had hoped and so for her second birth she prepared with her mind, body, heart and soul… leaning into Ecstatic Birth wisdom as a source of inspiration along the way.

In this Conversation to Transform Birth, Charlotte (and adorable baby Silver) take us through every delicious detail of their Ecstatic, Orgasmic and DIVINE Birth experience. In her words–

This is a MUST watch for massive inspiration!


**Charlotte left no stone unturned in her birth preparation, devoting herself mind, body, and soul

** Don’t wait until you have a “bad” experience to devote yourself to preparing for your next birth

**She used pleasure very consciously surrounding herself with things that had deep inspirational meaning and power for her and using dance in labor

**She created a container of safety around herself with her family and birth support team, a bubble of love

**Deep in the intensity of labor, giving herself physical pleasure, send a rocket of energy through her body bringing her into a joyful, ecstatic state full of pleasure and laughter

**This birth felt like a devotional act to the earth and the elements

**She practiced feeling surrender to the Divine Mother, something that deeply served her in birth

…and so much MORE!

Please do share Charlotte’s birth story with the women around you- especially future and expectant mothers.

THIS is how we change the culture of birth.

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