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An Orgasmic and Transcendent Birth Story

How is it possible for birth to be a pleasurable experience when all we seem to hear about is the PAIN?

Emilia Flor Vogt birthed her baby 21 years ago and had never heard of women experiencing orgasms in birth.. nor was she particularly connected to her own sexuality at that time.

And yet her labor and delivery was not only multiorgasmic… it propelled her into transcendent realms of reality!

This Conversation to Transform Birth demonstrates so beautifully that when you honor the design of the body, when you prepare consciously, when you feel safe, and able to express… pleasure, ecstasy, orgasm.. flows.

Emilia’s story is SUPER inspiring! Her multi-orgasmic and transcendent birth that happened 21 years ago demonstrates so clearly how when you honor the design of the body, pleasure is an integral part of the birth experience!

**Sounding, allowing her body to fully express in labor was the key that opened the pleasure pathways in her body
**Birthing at home, surrounded by nature, supported her in tapping into her own primal nature
**Pushing her baby out felt like the ultimate climactic moment in her orgasmic labor
**Emilia was both in her body experiencing all the sensations and watching her birth progress from above
**Safety and support allowed her to fully surrender to the birthing process
**Clearing and addressing her fears ahead of birth was also instrumental
**During her labor, Emilia tapped into the lineage of all women who had ever given birth
**The level of orgasmic pleasure she experienced in birth was a surprise to Emilia, a self described “recovering catholic” and was the instigator of her own sexual awakening.

…and so much MORE!

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The keys in Emilia’s story are conscious birth preparation and a deep connection to her body and body wisdom.  These are central to all Ecstatic Birth programs.

If you are an expectant mother and desire a positive, empowering and even pleasurable birth experience, please know that our societal systems and structures are generally not supporting this vision, nor the design of the body.

It is up to YOU to ensure that you consciously prepare and create those systems and structure of support for YOU.

I created O BABY!, my online Ecstatic Birth Training Program for Expectant Moms, to guide and prepare you in this journey.

It is everything I wish I would have known when preparing for my first birth– the very things that could have prevented my traumatic birth (and support you in creating your ECSTATIC Birth!) 💕


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O BABY! is everything I wish I would have known when preparing for my first birth– the very things that could have prevented my traumatic birth (and support you in creating your ECSTATIC Birth!) 💕

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