Embodiment for Birth Anti-Racism and Postpartum Nourishment

Given our cultural conditioning and legacy giving birth can feel pretty scary as it is.

Add in a pandemic.

Add in being a black woman in the US.

Add in being alone without your partner or birth support person as you navigate surgery and postpartum complications


I’d like to introduce you to an amazing woman and new mom, Casey Askey.  While she did not have an Ecstatic Birth by any means, she is consciously using that contraction in her journey in her rebirth from embodiment coach to

1) Bring PLEASURE as a form of nourishment and healing to postpartum moms and

2) Offer embodied Anti-Racism trainings to birth workers

Phew!!! Both so so needed, right?

There is definitely Ecstasy in the activation of her sacred work!

In this powerful Conversation to Transform Birth, Casey speaks candidly about her challenges in pregnancy, birth and postpartum and how that informs her mission moving forward.


**Fear creates a dissociation from the body
**To birth in fear disadvantages you by disconnecting you from your body’s innate wisdom
**The body never lies
**Pleasure is a powerful source of nourishment
**Notice the reactions in your body when you are near other people, particularly if they are of a different race
**When you notice your body contract that is a place to deeply examine and do your inner work

…and so much MORE!

I’m thrilled to announce that Casey will be joining us as a guest teacher in the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training beginning soon.

Registration is closing (for good) on June 11th.

In the meantime, whether you are preparing for your own birth or you support others in birth, please do consider what Casey’s story inspires in you!

Much Love,