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Autonomy and Immunity

One of the many, overflowing gifts that birth has given me is a sense of my own autonomy.

Navigating my options in preparation for my first birth, I prioritized everyone’s opinions and desires over my own.  That didn’t play out very well.

I experienced a birth trauma that carried over into an inability to conceive and carry a second child.

I looked everywhere for answers and I found none, until I was encouraged to look within.

Without hesitation, my body said to me,

“I’m not ready for another child. I’m still healing from the first!”   Thus began a journey of learning to reconnect, hear and unwaveringly follow the wisdom my body.

I am head over heals in love with the body: the depth and breadth of wisdom available within and ohhhh the PLEASURE, so much pleasure!

My traumatic birth was the instigator for me to become fierce about standing for my truths.


I have come to understand autonomy as one of the most important elements in experiencing health, joy and VIBRANCE!

It is VITAL in birth and motherhood when we are navigating so many choices and there is no “right” path, but only the “right one for me.”

What is right for you? For your body? For your family??

There are no right answers… only the right choices for each of us.

This Conversation to Transform Birth is with a true body whisperer, a woman who has journeyed this path of autonomy in healing her own body from the “chronic” and “incurable” and supports others in doing the same.

Crystal Gordon is a Holistic Hormonal Health and Cellular Regeneration Detoxification Specialist who supports ambitious women to reverse chronic fatigue, burn-out, unhealthy eating patterns, anxiety, mood swings, and hormonal-based health conditions naturally using nutrition, herbal medicine, and self-care rituals.

Crystal believes nature can be our greatest healer when we get silent and tune into the parts of ourselves that are longing for nourishment.

Yes Yes YES!!  

Autonomy is the path to healing, to health, and ultimately to your VIBRANCE!

Some Nuggets from our conversation:
*When you don’t know where else to go turn within
*Get the information you need and tune into your body
*Silence and spaciousness are key
*The connection to your autonomy is something we have been conditioned out ot. Take time to reestablish the relationship and learn to trust your knowing
*Nature is part of us and exists to support us
*Food is medicine
*HERBS for immunity (and lowering anxiety): Thistle, lemon balm, raspberry leaf. Get loose leaves and make a TEA
*Pleasure is immune boosting! Stress lowers you immune system

To connect with Crystal Gordon, you can find her at and on social media at @ColorMeKale

Because I feel so strongly about this, I have invited Crystal in to be a guest teacher in the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training.

Birth culture (and most of society) has long been plagued with patterns that perpetuate chronic depletion and burnout. Exhausted anyone?

This places us in survival mode, when we are doing just what we need to do to get by. 

We must transcend survival mode and move into THRIVING to do our sacred work in and out of the birthing room.

It is the only way we can not show up fully to share our gifts within our homes and communities. 

The world needs YOU now more than ever.


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