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Awakening Orgasmic Flow

We are ALL birthing all the time.

Our dreams and desires…
Our children
Our soul’s paths
Ourselves… over and over and over again.

Sexual energy is the life force energy behind ALL of our creations.

We have been- consciously and unconsciously- learning about pleasure and orgasm our whole lives, the good, bad, enliving and profane. 

and everything in between.

It is woven through our cultural fabric.

We can choose to consciously unlearn and relearn.

We can open to more and more pleasure through practice.

And there is a sacred place of awakening… 

I invite you to meet Jenny Adams, a friend and colleague who has an embodied connection to the divine feminine omin-orgasmic flow.

Her experience invites us to expand our conception of what is possible for each of us, in our bodies, in this lifetime.

This is BIG.

In this conversation we touch on the true nature of our bodies –

**Orgasmic Awakenings

**The depth and realms of possibility available to us all

**Divine Feminine energy and CREATION

**Transmission of Orgasmic Energy

**Birth, reBirth and the next generation

…and so much MORE!

This conversation blows wide open the nature of reality and possibility for us all!

Please do take some time to savor and enjoy every drop!

Energetic TRANSMISSION- woman to woman- body to body– is yet another way the patriarchy has kept us from our divine sexual power. And that is coming to an end.

There are more and more of us opening to this delicious flow and the more we come together to receive and share.. the quicker this will transform the planet.

For me, standing for Ecstatic Birth… I hold the vision that every new soul is born bathed in this energy, rather than the rampant pain, dissociation and trauma the majority experience.

But I believe for all of us, this spot of transmission is a powerful one to explore.


This connection to full FLOW, our life force energy…. this is the energy of CREATION.

To hear first hand accounts of orgasmic awakenings women are experiencing and learn more about the in-person transmissions, Jenny and I are co-creating, register here.   


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The Ecstatic Goddess

The Ecstatic Goddess journey is an invitation to forge a revolutionary new path in birthing your soul's babies: your dreams and desires, a path that honors the body and the feminine.

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Pleasure reBirth,

a Sensual Expansion journey

You will learn how these 3 elements can really support you in navigating intensity in a way that FEELS good.