Birth as a Shamanic Journey

Last night I was cuddling in bed with my daughters, my heart expanding and aching with my love for them.

Calling them into my life was one of the most transformative journeys I have ever taken and it continues to this day.

Ever notice how your pulsating LOVE for another presses you to grow beyond your own edges?

My desires for my children take me into realms I would never venture into for myself.

This is the gift they give me every day.

Sometimes I LOVE it.. .more often I resist, but showing up for them always brings me more of myself.

I would not be doing this work today if it wasn’t for my girls.

In becoming who I needed to be to conceive and birth them, I become the woman I am today.

I’m so excited to share this Conversations to Transform Birth with a woman who knows this journey well, someone near and dear to my heart, Heather Levine.

Heather was a private client of mine and like most women who are called to Ecstatic Birth came in clear, with a full-bodied YES.  The inner work she did to conceive and birth her son awakened a calling within her to share these gifts with other women.

She completed the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training this year and has birthed her sacred work into the world!

Heather Levine is the founder of The Birthing Shaman and the co-creator of Birthing The Next Generation.  She is committed to helping every individual on this planet discover and express their unique gifts so that collectively we can co-create a new society grounded in love. She is especially passionate about working with current and future parents to provide the best support network for this next generation of souls as they make their grand entrance onto the Earth Plane.


** Heather was 1 of 10 friends to have the birth she wanted… conscious conception and birth preparation was an integral part of that!

** Shadow work, clearing FEARS ahead of birth is essential

** Being in our bodies is an essential part of birth, whether you are birthing a baby or a business

** From Tech Executive to launching the Birthing Shaman, birthing her soul’s work

** Finding your full body YES– what feels good?– propels your journey

** Epigenetics unveils the mega ramifications for our babies and the next generation from preconception to pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Why you need to watch this!
Heather was pregnant in the same period as 16 other friends and she was the ONLY one that had the birth she desired. She will be sharing with you the very things that supported her on her birth journey.

Current or aspiring BIRTH PROFESSIONALS:
Heather has transitioned from Tech executive to living her soul’s calling. She will be sharing the surprising ingredient that facilitated and empowered this transition.

This woman will inspire and ACTIVATE you!