Blissed out… in Childbirth!

There is a whole wide  range of pleasure available to a woman in childbirth, emotional, spiritual and physical and so many nuances in between:  Ecstasy, orgasm, bliss and so much more.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a mama that really tapped into the BLISS.

Jen is an educator and artist and is 10 months postpartum. She talks about how the pleasure she experienced in the birthing room has rippled into her motherhood.

In this picture, taken at her birth, you can see the BLISS Jen is experiencing all over her face!!!

I know this conversation will inspire you!

Jen shares her birth experience and in particular what that realm of pleasure felt like and how it supported her in birthing her baby


  • Jen consciously used a wide range of pleasure tools- movement, laughter touch, exclaiming at one point “I’m having so much fun!”
  • Birth was intense, but the pleasure she experienced was upfront and center
  • She prepared very consciously during her pregnancy, preparing her body for pleasure and filling her consciousness with images, videos and stories of Ecstatic Birth
  • The pleasure training has supported and sustained her through the intensity of Motherhood
  • This experience is super accessible to everyone, no matter what your birth looks like or where it is
  • When you birth you should be treated like ROYALTY 💫

… and so much MORE!

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