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Catching Your BREATH

What an incredible time to be ALIVE! To be in our collective Re-Birth.. contraction by contraction.

As we birth, the intensity is real:
Our collective heartbreak at hearing yet another black life lost to police brutality,
The waves of anger and rage at a culture that perpetuates the disempowerment,
The sensations of guilt and self-loathing at our own complicity, &
Grounding into commitments to do better, individually and collectively.

I can see these expansive pieces beginning to emerge… in myself, in our community, in society at large.

(Art by Tamara Philips)

No doubt we still have a long way to go, but feeling into these spots of growth.. the seeds of change that we are creating and receiving is how we can sustain ourselves for the long haul.

The labor may be long, but there are ALWAYS pockets of bliss and ecstasy to nourish and fuel us.

I own that Ecstatic Birth speaks to a level of privilege– we are talking about THRIVING rather then surviving.

Surviving is a TRUE struggle, in the birthing room especially for black women who have an inordinately high rate of maternal mortality in the US compared to white women.

What our black mothers experience in the birthing room is filled with the same systemic landmines as those our black men experience at the hands of our police and justice system.   

This is a realm where I am committing to do better as a leader in the birth community. 

AND here is the interesting piece– so many of the conditions to survive are embedded in the quest to THRIVE.

Let’s raise our vibration and consciously create a world where we can all THRIVE.

Yes to our rage. Yes to our grief.. AND YESSSS to moving that through to a higher vibration in our body so WE CAN CREATE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.

So many of us have had the wind knocked out of us in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, but we must “Catch our Breath” so that we can do the work that we are called to do.

In this Conversation to Transform Birth. I speak with a true energy Priestess, Rania Jaziri also known as MagicLoveQueen!  

Rania is Kriya Meditation and is a Usui Reiki Healer, a highly sought after Dakini, sound healer and international life coach. African by birth, raised in Germany and the founder of the award winning Jordin’s Paradise Wellness center here in the US, Rania offers a unique integrative perspective to creating radical change and guess where it all begins???

IN THE BODY! With your energy… YOUR vibration.

Some nuggets:
**Our words are “spells.” Let’s use them intentionally..
** Instead of “I can’t breathe”.. let’s chant “Let us Breathe”!
**We are in a global re-birth, let’s consciously use pleasure to support our flow
**Sound is powerful because our bodies are water
**Feel your ANGER, grief, rage and alchemize it
**Consciously create your reality through LOVE and pleasure
**BREATHE, Moan, Move, Laugh, Dance, Sing, EXQUISITE SELF-CARE to raise your vibration!

For more with Rania visit: or connect with her on instagram @magiclovequeen

Sound healing on spotify @magiclovequeen

To be blunt: Women are still getting pregnant. Mothers are still having babies. THIS is our future, so we must, first and foremost, safeguard our bodies.

If you are pregnant (or are hoping to be), this is essential.
If you are a birth practitioner, in order to truly be of service to your clients, there is no other way.

This will be just the medicine we all need to recalibrate, ground into our centers, and do our sacred work.      

To the future of our planet and all the life it holds!

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