Coming Home to your BODY

They are Hot!!
They are POWERFUL &

Maha is a force, a visionary, a beauty with a HUGE heart and she has been leading the charge to bring birthing mamas and their providers BACK HOME TO OUR BODIES for over 20 years.

Our bodies are where it all begins–
A landscape of sensations from pain to pleasure
The access point to our inner and primal wisdom
Our energetic connection to all that is
The portal through which life emerges into this world

Our bodies are AMAZING… and most of the time we aren’t even in our bodies.
We live in our heads…  
Childbirth DEMANDS that we be in our bodies.
Coming home to our bodies is an essential component of birth prep.

One conversation at a time we are opening new pathways in birth speak, bringing forth new ideas, speaking in the most public forums- Facebook and YouTube… and bringing voice to a woman’s wisdom that has been buried for too long.

There is so much to enjoy and SAVOR when we come together!!

Some of my favorite nuggets from our conversations so far.. (and there are so so many!)

  • Sexual energy is HEALING energy
  • Releasing shame, trauma, pain from our tissues paves the way for more PLEASURE in life, in birth  
  • Birth workers, clearing your blocks supports ALL your clients
  • Energy is what connects us to Ecstasy and ALL THAT IS
  • Invite your demons to prepare for birth  
  • Dance is a way to connect with your deep feminine wisdom
  • Get a little LESS LADY LIKE!
  • BIRTH IS THE BIGGEST HIGH your body will ever experience :)  

…and so much MORE!

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Much Love,