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Creation, Birth & Your DREAMS

Fall… back to school.. re-entry into our new masked world…
This time of year always feels like a new beginning, but now more so than ever. 
Fresh starts are a period of conscious creation.
A time to feel into and honor our DESIRE.
What is true for you now?
Where do you want to go?

Desire is our guiding light in creating a life that is uniquely ours and yet so often it slips through our fingers, swept away in the current of our reactions to LIFE.I see this in birth… ALL THE TIME. A woman has a desire for a joyful, empowered, even ECSTATIC experience, but she struggles to commit and fully show up for herself, eventually surrendering her journey to a system that routinely serves up the opposite.  What about you?

Have you ever had a strong pulsing DESIRE that simply fell flat?

One that you could not, did not bring to fruition despite the intensity of it?

The act of Conscious Creation is the same whether you are birthing a baby, a desire or a dream. Ecstatic Birth, the radical act accessing our power and pleasure in one of the most intense and structurally disempowered places in our patriarchal world culture, provides a blueprint for many levels of our reclamation.

Leaning into the wisdom of birth empowers you to create ANYTHING you wants… anything. I’ve witnessed my friend Kathleen Frazier do just that- calling in multiple careers, awards, vacations… a fully funded college experience for her daughter! And so much more… 

The Conversation to Transform Birth this week is with one of the most powerful and conscious creators I know.

KATHLEEN FRAZIER recently graduated from Columbia University with an MS in Narrative Medicine. She is an author, actress, Reiki master, and sleep activist, award winning writer, blogger and mother.

In addition to all this amazingness… Kathleen is a long time friend and confident of mine. She has been a witness to the birth, development and growth of Ecstatic Birth each step of the way and used this work to birth her dreams, as we do in the Ecstatic Goddess program.

In her words, “Take a look at my award winning memoir and know that Sheila Kamara Hay mid-wifed this beauty. Oh yeah, and now I blog for Psychology Today on sleep health and have a full scholarship to Columbia University’s Narrative Medicine MS Program… just sayin’…”

We had an amazing conversation about birthing your deepest dreams and desires.

**Birthing your dreams or any creative project mirrors the process of birthing a child
**The reclamation available via Ecstatic Birth is available to every person when they create consciously
**Start with where you are at: your journey, your body, your health. What bring YOU flow?
**Create circles of support. Even 1 person standing for you can make all the difference
**Trust the contractions as part of your process
**Healing and nurturing your darkest spots fuels the very medicine you are here to offer the world

….and so much MORE!

Ecstatic Birth requires conscious creation, honoring of the deep desire within AND the fierce work and commitment to bring that to form.

You can create all your dreams and desires from this place of consciousness and reclamation.

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