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Cycle-Synching Misses This HUGE Piece

I’m thrilled with all the wisdom rising up around how to honor our cycles.  

As women we are cyclical beings.

As mammals, bodies that live on the earth, we are a part of NATURE. We are cyclical beings.

I LOVE learning about the different phases of our menstrual cycle, the moon, the seasons and the energy and the quality each phase brings forth.

I KNOW there is a deep relaxation I feel in my being that happens when I practice locating myself, honoring where I am in these cycles and act (as best as I can) in alignment with each phase. 

(Body Art by Scarlett @scarwaves, inspired by art by Kallen Mikel)

Even if you haven’t been practicing cycle-synching.  

Can you feel how there are times of the month that you have tremendous energy and times that you prefer to lounge in bed?

Times that you love being with others, and times that it feels harder.. no matter your nature?

Our bodies shift and flow…  and when you are unable to locate yourself within the cycles of your body, the moon or the seasons… your experience of being alive can feel hard.

You may wonder.. what is wrong with me? Where is my energy? Why don’t I want to hang out with my friends or family? What is wrong with me?

“What is wrong with me?” is a question I suspect women ask themselves infinitely more than men.

Why? Because we live in a world that is designed around “masculine” energy… a constant and steady go Go GO.

So “What is wrong with me?” comes up when we have a hard time conforming to the world around us.

Story of my life… how about you?

Understanding the FLOW, being able to locate yourself and honor where you are in a cycle is instrumental to the feeling of EASE and alignment in your being.

The glaring piece that is missing in all the prevailing wisdom I’ve seen about honoring and creating in alignment with your cycles is BIRTH.

All creation culminates in the experience of BIRTH, the moment when what we have been nurturing, gestating, creating within…  enters our outer world.

What was once within us (our body) can now be experienced outside of us (our body).

Birth is that moment when the things you have been desiring and gestating become real.

Many people call this manifestation, a word I do and don’t love for its magical feeling quality.

Birth is never about snapping your fingers and watching something appear instantly in front of you.

There is deep inner work that leads up to the moment of physical childbirth (conception, gestation and labor).

Labor itself is a process with many twists and turns.. some yin, some yang… all happening with in the body and all intimately tied to FLOW.

To have an Ecstatic Birth you MUST know how it flows and how to best support yourself through the birthing process.

This is true whether you are birthing a baby, a book, a project, or a relationship.

Having a map when you are going somewhere you have never been before is invaluable.

Understanding where the challenges lie when you are running a marathon or climbing a mountain empowers you to TRAIN and bring along the most essential supplies you’ll need.

We must integrate the wisdom of BIRTH as an essential piece of the wisdom of CREATION.

This is my invitation to you….

Ecstatic Goddess

Come sit with us in the Ecstatic Goddess Circle and explore how to honor the flow of your body and all your creations.

We begin TOMORROW 1/11 at 1pm ET on the week of the 1st new moon of the new year.

Can you feel the synchronicity there?

All the ONES… all these beginnings. 

I didn’t plan that and yet there it is, the magical quality that inherently exists when we take this journey.

Creation is magical.

AND there is also an underlying design which we can learn to honor by witnessing the wisdom of nature and our bodies.

We are creating all the time in big and small ways.

Whatever you are feeling called to create… 

A baby

A book

A project

A relationship

A reBirth into your next stage 

Your heart’s deepest DESIRE

The Ecstatic Goddess Circle will feel like a coming home, a relaxation into the deepest knowing within and from that space empowering you to create in connection with your body and your pleasure.

Breathe… feel into your body.

Can you feel her YES?

If so, join us.

We begin tomorrow.


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