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Dreaming of Birth

Some of the women I work with aren’t pregnant yet. Some are even still waiting for the right partner to create a family with.

These women can’t wait to have an Ecstatic Birth themselves and their desire is so strong it propels them to reach out to me, perplexed and apologetic… “I know I’m not pregnant yet, but…”

I LOOOOoooooooove working with these women. They get it.dreaming2

These are women whose consciousness has been awakened and turned on to the paradigm shift that an Ecstatic Birth represents- Birthing with pleasure, power, love, and full force of your natural primal feminine beauty.

Right on.

These are women who don’t want to wait… for their partner, for their pregnancy to begin integrating this into their lives.

Many of them don’t even realize how genius of a move this is and I can feel the relief in their voices as I explain to them why.

The blessing that these women bring to their Ecstatic Birth preparation is the luxury of time.

A nice juicy chunk of the work I do with women is inner work. This work creates shifts and  transformation in the way we experience life as a whole and then when the time is right we get to bring it to birth.

Birth is a rite of passage through which a woman becomes a mother. The experience of birth can press a woman into bringing forth all of what she’s got to take her to the other side.

So the big question is- What have you got? —What are your inner patterns? Your coping mechanisms? How do you deal with fear? How do you handle things not going to plan?

Let’s get real conscious and clear on where you are at and lets take you to the next level—What patterns can we begin to shift? Can we engage your strengths and bolster your weak spots with loving support? How can we use pleasure rather than muscling through?

In this process, you are not just preparing to give birth to your baby, you are also rebirthing yourself.

The beauty of this sort of growth work is there is always more to do. You have been growing your whole life, and you will continue to grow through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. That is the journey.

Rites of passages exist to propel your growth to a whole other level and pregnancy and birth can be one of the most transformative growth experiences in a woman’s life.

And then there is the physical experience of ecstasy in the body… How can we tap into that? Augment it? Use it to facilitate the birthing process? And potentially trigger it in spontaneously?

Sensual expansion is the other big piece I focus on with women in their birth prep. I have written about it quite a bit here and here and here.

That journey is also infinite, the pleasure growing with attention and practice.

The private Ecstatic Birth trainings that I do with women integrate all of this mental, emotional, physical and soul level work and is deeply personal to each woman’s unique journey.

So ladies, if you are dreaming about birth.. there is no reason to wait. Set up a complimentary consult with me, revel in your desires, and begin preparing for an Ecstatic Birth now.

This work reverberates into your life, so you can live each day with pleasure, power, love, and full force of your natural primal feminine beauty.

Sound good?


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