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Ecstatic Birth is 100% Teachable and Learnable!

Ecstatic Births are possible for EVERYONE.

You can prepare for them.

You can teach them.

You can support clients in them.

I can say this confidently and unequivocally because I have been sharing this work for over 10 years now.

And training practitioners to support their clients in Ecstatic Birth for 8!

I have the joy or hearing beautiful birth stories from clients all the time.

But when I hear back from grads of my Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training, it is even more thrilling.


Because I only have the capacity to support a handful of private clients at a time.

But when I hear success stories from my grads, I KNOW that we are creating a powerful ripple effect in the world that can effectively transform the culture of birth.


This is precisely WHY I started the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training and why the ladies that say YES get showered with the best of everything that I offer and MORE.

Just last week, I received this beautiful note from a recent grad, Clara, a  doula in Brazil:

“I’ve been having such success with women attaining such ecstatic and orgasmic births!  I’m so grateful.”

This is HUGE as Brazil has a c-section rate of 80+%!!

Clara is transforming the experience of birth for her clients in a culture and system that is in direct contrast and oppositions to the conditions that support natural and ecstatic birth.

In this Conversation to Transform Birth, Clara shares about her own Ecstatic Birth and about the information, tools, and practices she learned in the training that have been incredibly effective with her clients.

Clara Costa is a certified Ecstatic Birth Practitioner™ and Founder of Parto Cósmico (Cosmic Birth) a body of work that promotes the importance of having INCREDIBLE Ecstatic birth experiences for a fast and potent transformation of our world, in congruence with the original concept of Rites of Passage and deep sacred Postpartum Care. You can connect with her @partocosmico here on Instagram.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How her own 2 Orgasmic Births were not an accident. She had been unconsciously preparing for them in the 5 years prior
  • The 4 key arenas that are essential to prepare for pleasurable birth
  • The foundational practice that she shares with all her clients
  • The ideal time to begin preparing for birth and why
  • How pleasure practices not only support her clients, but also nourish her own body and being
  • How the Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training supported her in understanding her own Orgasmic Birth experiences and transform them into actionable, repeatable, birth prep to support her clients!!!

…and so much MORE!

Clara’s experience is not unique.

I now have grads in over 22 countries all around the globe.

I hear incredible stories and outcomes from my grads all the time!

If you are a stand for the highest outcome in birth for your clients, you MUST join us.

This is deep, sacred, transformative work.


Welcome! I'm Sheila Kamara Hay

I’m passionate about providing you with inspiration, practices and resources for your highest pleasure in life and birth!

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PS:  Inspired? Consider joining the The Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training, the only certification program for birth practitioners that addresses the integrative nature of birth and sex, pleasure as the most holistic birthing tool and focuses on YOUR embodiment.

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The Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training

Birthworkers, do you want your clients to experience birth as the natural and ecstatic rite of passage it was meant to be? Do you desire new tools to elevate birth experiences from pain so mothers feel empowered? Do you feel committed to revolutionizing birth from fear and victimization to a sacred and liberating portal? I’ve got something special just for you…

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