ENERGY healing to support Ecstatic Birth with Sacred Reiki

Today I’d like to share with you a woman who helped me personally when I was preparing for my births.

I had experienced a traumatic first birth and here I was, pregnant with my 2nd and determined to have a completely different experience.

The body holds memory and I knew within mine was a memory of trauma and with that, a whole lot of fear.

It is imperative to clear negative memories and trauma from the body ahead of birth! How? There are many ways to do this!

Cori Nielson is a reiki master and uses this modality to help women clear these patterns from the body ahead of birth AND create a positive blueprint.

I know from personal experience how potent this is and am excited to share her wisdom with YOU!


*Your body has an imprint of how it runs energy through it *Childbirth challenges that (which leads to resistance and pain) *Creating new imprints expands our ability to allow flow AND PLEASURE *Birth-workers, clearing your blocks supports ALL your clients *A super simple practice to begin this journey for yourself!

…and so much MORE!

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Much Love,