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Essential Key #2: Inner Wisdom


You have decided, unequivocally, that you want to have an Ecstatic experience birthing your baby!

You are moving through the First Essential Key to an Ecstatic Birth: Awakening Your Consciousness … you get that there is an entire alternate paradigm of birthing. You are turned on and ready and excited.

But where do you begin?

How can you prepare for an Ecstatic Birth?

What practitioners should you hire?
Where should you give birth?
What do you actually DO while giving birth?
What should you bring to your birth?
Who should be there?

The questions are endless and how does a mama even begin to navigate all of this?

It can be very overwhelming and there is also the question of time… with a due date that marches closer each day.

For many women that awaken to the desire for an Ecstatic Birth and begin to get conscious around what that means, it can feel as if there is a wide chasm between where she stands and where she wants to be.

How do you bridge the chasm?

This is a pivotal moment.

Some women can’t figure out how to reconcile what is available with what they want and will feel right away that an Ecstatic Birth is not a readily available option to them . These women tend to throw their hands up in the air, make traditional choices, and hope for the best. There is a seed of victimization here that often amplifies with their birth experience.

Other women will dig in their heels and try to will it with their intelligence. They muscle through each step to make the “right” choices and get everything just “right”.  This can have better results but the journey doesn’t feel very good (or ecstatic for that matter).

The third (and best) option is to connect to your inner wisdom and let it guide you.

That sounds waaaay easier than it is.

Most of us have grown up being taught that wisdom is a mental skill somewhat like intelligence, but with a sprinkle of experience mixed in.

Your inner wisdom is not a rational affair.

The key to accessing your inner wisdom is in connecting to your body not your mind. Your body has a wisdom that encompasses your mental and  rational wisdom, experiential wisdom, generational and ancestral wisdom, and primal wisdom.

Every experience you’ve ever had and every part of your being that is connected to all that is resides in your cells.

This is so so important because you are totally and completely unique. No one has walked in your shoes and no one has the history you have, the same hopes, dreams, fears or thoughts. No one.

No one can tell you how to birth or what the “right” choices are. There are no right choices, only the right choices for you.

Your Inner Wisdom is the 2nd Essential Key to Ecstatic Birthing.

It empowers you to navigate your way through your birth options, your birth experience, and motherhood in a way that feels really good.

The way to begin to access your inner wisdom is to pay attention to sensation. Sensation is the language of the body. It is sensation that will guide you through each stage of birthing your baby urging you to moan or to move in ways that best support the birthing process. Sensation is the key to surrendering to your deep feminine wisdom.

Here is a quick exercise to demonstrate how this works:

Stop for a moment now. Close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths. Scan and feel your body from the inside… notice any sensations buzzing through you. For a few seconds simply breathe and feel, slowly moving your awareness from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head.

You will likely notice some physical sensations– for example, stiffness in your muscles (your body telling you, “stretch!”), a full bladder (“bathroom please!”). Or you may notice emotional sensations- a buzz of excitement in your belly (urging you on- YES!) or anxiety (move cautiously!). Sensation is the way your body communicates with you.

This awareness is available to you at every moment. Most of us have been conditioned out of feeling it, hearing it, and honoring it.

"Vibrant Stillness" by Alisha Vernon

“Vibrant Stillness” by Alisha Vernon

The physical sensations are the ones calling out the loudest at first, but the more we honor our bodies, the more easily and clearly we can feel the emotional ones and begin to lean into them as a powerful source of guidance using this simple three step process.

  1. Bring your awareness into your body and breathe.
  2. Notice and feel the sensations within- no judgement.
  3. HONOR any messages you receive.

Learning to connect to your body and its wisdom through sensation is an essential key to Ecstatic Birth. Birth is a primal full body experience.

Being deeply connected and guided by the body through every breath, every movement, paves the way for an ecstatic experience regardless of what the details of your birth look like. It allows you to feel your way through to the RIGHT birth for you and your baby.

Next time you have a decision to make rather than trying to decide which option makes the most sense, take a moment to connect to your body and ask yourself- which option feeeels better?!?

Consciousness is the first essential key to creating an Ecstatic Birth.

The second is connecting your inner wisdom.

The third and final essential key, sensual expansion, is all about connecting to and amplifying the pleasure in your experience.

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