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Essential Keys to Ecstatic Birth: Consciousness

The concept of Ecstatic Birthing is so foreign to most women that their first inclination is to laugh, roll their eyes, and completely dismiss the idea.

Each time I ask a room of women the first word that comes to mind when I say childbirth, 99% of them say pain.

How could giving birth possibly be pleasurable? It seems like everyone knows that it is one of the most painful experiences a woman could have.. right?

That is the level of consciousness that most of us (including me) have been raised with, a fact that stems directly from our religious and cultural inheritance. Remember Eve?

That is how deep our roots go around the paradigm of women suffering in birth.. way way back to the Garden of Eden.

The other side of the story- women who enjoy their birth experiences, who experience rapture, bliss, or even orgasm while birthing their children has been almost completely silenced. To speak of such things would be blasphemous… or even obscene.

Until now.

The first essential key to Ecstatic Birthing is Consciousness.


It is time to wake up from the paradigm of “no pain no gain” in our births and in our lives. It is time to take responsibility for our experience and consciously create what we want.

There are five levels to getting conscious in preparing for an Ecstatic Birth:

  1. Wake up to the idea of another possibility. You don’t have any options if you don’t know your options right? I’m so happy you are here. This is your first step– opening to the idea that Ecstatic Births do exist, that some women really do enjoy the journey of birthing their children. Ecstatic Birth is a very real possibility for you or for your clients.
  2. Recreate your birthing culture. You grew up saturated in one paradigm of birth. Whether or not you like it or agree with it, you have been trained in your mind, body, and soul in that paradigm. In order to open to the possibility of something different. You’ll need to reprogram yourself consciously and submerge your psyche in different images and stories around birth. Surround yourself with communities of people that reaffirm this new paradigm of birth.
  3. Knowledge is power. Educate yourself to the max about the birth process and your birthing options. Choose consciously how you want to birth, where you will birth and with whom. Going with what is most convenient or what most people are doing will likely get you the same experience most people have. If you want something different, you will have to consciously create that for yourself and you’ll need to arm yourself with the knowledge to do just that.
  4. Get conscious about your own patterns. The way you live is the way you birth. How do you manage intense moments in your day? How do you handle the unexpected? What does fear do to your body? What are your go-to coping tools? Notice what works well for you and what doesn’t and begin to consciously practice behaviors that feel affirming and supportive to your whole being.
  5. Infuse your journey with pleasure and loving support. Now that you know how birth flows and you have a deeper understanding of your own patterns, you can use that information to consciously support yourself in birth. Ride the waves of labor by thrilling all your senses with pleasure. Those places you still feel weak? Bolster yourself with loving support.

Consciousness is the first essential key to creating an Ecstatic Birth.

The Essential Key #2 is connecting to your inner wisdom.

The 3rd key is all about consciously connecting to and amplifying your pleasure. Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter to stay in the loop as I take you through the Essential Keys to Preparing for an Ecstatic Birth.


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