After The Contraction- A Blissful EXPANSION!!

I love my contractions!! 

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but truly when I get on the other side of all that intensity–

The bliss, the opening, the EXPANSION is worth every contracted moment I experienced.

It is almost impossible to remember that when I am fully in it and every fiber of my being wants out..

Whether your contractions are in the physical act of labor, or emotional soul level contractions on your journey, our current patterns of resisting or numbing aren’t serving us, but only perpetuating the intensity.

I wrote you last week about moaning from your throat right down to your p*ssy–  one of my favorite tools in the midst of my contractions. 

I’ve enjoyed receiving feedback from those of you that have tried it.  It’s true- this stuff is magical!!!

I know, because I have been moaning like a wild woman the last couple of weeks- in the shower, in my car, in all those moments when I feel such darkness that I don’t know what else to do.

And TODAY, I can tell you… it was all worth it.  
In the depth of that contraction, I was transformed and I emerged anew… with more JOY pulsing through my body now than ever before.

This is the sensation I want you to know well.

The VIBRANCE that awaits us when we drop our resistance and play, with pleasure, in the feminine cycle of creation.

This is why I created my Ecstatic Goddess course, to bring the gifts of Ecstatic Birth to you in ALL your creations.

And today I am excited to tease you… get you ready to receive something amazing.

I have been upgrading, reworking, and pouring magic dust to make the Ecstatic Goddess experience even more incredible.

This is some of the most revolutionary material available on activating and reclaiming your feminine power and with it-

💖your JOY,
💖your full SENSUOUS experience of life!!

Curious? Great.

Stay tuned.. the course starts in September, but I’ve got an early bird flash sale coming up! 

Imagine if you had a spectrum of pleasure tools to support you in dancing with all kinds of intensity… the intensity might actually start to feel… FUN?!?!